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Tiertime UP mini 2 ES Arrives in US and Europe

∙Now Stocked in US and European Warehouses
∙Available From Authorized Dealers, Amazon and Tiertime’s Online Store

BEIJING – July 7, 2018 – The 3D printer California’s Teacher of the Year said should be in every classroom in America just got better. Tiertime is proud to announce the immediate availability of its latest product, the UP mini 2 ES, for purchase in both Europe and the United States. The sixth model in the UP line, the mini 2 ES is the first of three next-generation machines Tiertime plans to release in 2018.
Based on the original UP mini 2, the mini 2 ES offers the same benefits that made its predecessor a best-seller, including HEPA filtration, Wi-Fi, and extensive materials compatibility. Its enclosure provides an outstanding anti-warping environment for ABS and other high-temperature printing while allowing for a wide range of filaments, from PLA to polycarbonate. However, the mini 2 ES also boasts new features not found in its older sibling:

1.An enhanced touchscreen with onboard Linux operating system, capable of receiving programming updates for future additions to the touchscreen’s menu and implementing innovations as they become available.
2.Pre-sliced print jobs can be saved as TASK files, a new file format that includes details such as layer height, print quality and infill.
3.The first significant programming update to the onboard Linux OS will enable a second USB port to read TASK files from a USB memory stick, making printer operation without direct computer control possible.
4.Tiertime Print Queue provides a unique user interface for controlling a series of print jobs assigned to the printer by authorized users. It is accessible from both UP Studio and the printer’s touchscreen.
An Ethernet port for wired LAN connectivity.

“The Tiertime factory will continue production of the original mini 2. The ES is not a replacement, but rather an advancement, offering abilities not found in the previous model,” said Joseph Guo, International Sales and Marketing Director, Tiertime Corporation. “It is designed to expand the Mini 2 user base beyond education and economically-minded single users while remaining the perfect choice in its traditional arena.”
The practical advantages of the mini 2 ES should appeal to a broader market segment than the original mini 2 while maintaining affordability. Its hard-wired Ethernet port and eventual computer-free operability support security-conscious professionals. Tiertime Print Queue creates a method of efficiently managing multiple print jobs in multi-user environments. Its portability and upcoming USB memory stick compatibility grant increased mobility, and its programmable touchscreen offers upgradability, protecting the buyer’s investment.
“The ES is about flexibility. We intend to give users the freedom to print where they want, with the material they require, while ensuring they don’t miss out on continued product development,” said Guo. “As a professional asset, it can be placed in an office or classroom with a dozen workers or students feeding the queue via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, maximizing productivity.”
The UP mini 2 retains its retail price of $599. The UP mini 2 ES is priced at $699. Available at Tiertime’s Online Store and Amazon USA.
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