Touchscreen Upgrade Program

How to Upgrade Your Touchscreen Program Manually via a USB drive?

We recommend you update your printer’s touchscreen program before your first print. Please follow the following instruction to update your touch screen program with a USB drive:

  1. Download the Upgrade Program
  2. Before you switch on the printer, plug in the USB drive with saved Update Program to the USB port of your printer.
  3. Switch on the printer.
  4. Follow the instruction on the screen to finish the upgrade process.
  5. Before you start printing, please check the UP Studio version is above
  6. We suggestions you using Chrome or Firefox browser to download the latest upgrade program.

Stable Release 1.3.22

Release Date: 28/11/2018

Release Notes:

For UP mini2 ES, and UP300:

  1. Added the support for initiating upgrade process under the “Information” Page. Users can choose the upgrade file from USB drive, and manually trigger the upgrade process.
  2. Added a switch for Auto Upgrade. Users can turn the switch under the “Config” Page on or off to choose if the auto upgrade process is initiated after the machine is turned on.
  3. Optimized the network initialization process.
  4. Fixed the issues related to “SD Card Read” error.
  5. Added the support for 9-point adjustment process into the “Auto” process under the “Calibrate” Page. For UP300 only.
  6. Fixed the other bugs and performance issues.


  1. 在“信息”页面增加“升级”功能。用户可以通过U盘,选择升级文件,手动升级;
  2. 在“设置”页面增加“自动升级”开关。当开关开起时,开机能自动进入网络升级;开关关闭时,开机后不自动进入网络升级;
  3. 优化了设备启动后网络初始化流程;
  4. 修复了“SD卡读取错误”相关问题;
  5. 在UP300上的AUTO功能增加了九点调平;
  6. 修复了其它的缺陷

If the current touchscreen program is before 1.3.14, you need to do the following:

1, Save the Upgrade Program file to the root directory of a USB Drive.

2, Make sure the name of the program is called (case sensitive).

If the current touchscreen program is after 1.3.14, you need to download the program to a USB drive for installation.

Save the upgrade program file to the root directory of a USB Drive, and make sure the name is (case sensitive), x.x.x being the version number.

Beta Release 1.4.2

Release Date: 30/11/2018

Release Notes:

For UP mini2 ES, and UP300:

  1. Optimized TSK format. The new format is not compatible with the old format.
  2. Optimized the print path.
  3. Minor bug fixes.


  1. 优化了TSK格式,与老版本不兼容;
  2. 优化了打印的扫描路径;
  3. 修复其它一些bugs;