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UP Studio


Systems Requirements

Operating systems:

Windows 7 (SP1) or higher (32 bit and 64 bit) Mac OS 10.10

Hardware requirements:

OpenGL 2.0 At least 4GB of RAM

UP Studio Version
1, Added the support for UP600/UP600D, UP350/UP350D and UP200.
2, Upgraded MatDef to support UP Plus 2, UP600/UP600D, UP350/UP350D and UP200 with corresponding parameters.
3, Removed the support Extrude and Withdaw Filaments for UP300D, UP600D, and UP350D.
    Customers can operate the Dual Extruder machines from the touchscreen.
4, Added the support for new Calibration Module.
5, Various bug-fixes and performance improvement.

Windows Stable Release

Windows Drivers
Mac OS / iPhone iOS / iPad iOS
UP Studio Release(With MatDef separated): App Store Local
MatDef 1.0.2:App StoreLocal
Activation file for App Store:LDK for 2.7.2
Previous Releases:2.6.5
UP Studio 3 Beta (Code Name: Soda)

UP Studio 3.2.5 (Beta) Release

Version: 3.2.5
Release Date: 2022-04-11

UP Studio 3.2.5 Beta For Mac

Wand is combined in the UP Studio 3 DMG file.

Release Notes for UP Studio3 3.2.5


1, Support More New Models

Added support for new machine models: Cetus2, UP350, UP Plus 3, UP mini 3, and UP200.

2, Child Models

  • Optimized the work flow to add a Child Model.
  • Optimized the display of the Child Model view.
  • Added the display samples for the Base Model and the Child Model.
  • Added the option Extruder 3 and Surface Mode.

3, Right Click Menu

  • Added “Image Texture”: Added Images
  • Added “Reload Purge Tower”: Reload the Purge Tower.
  • Added “Set Main Model”: After loading multiple models, this command will set the Main Model, and other models will be treated as the Child Models to the Main Model.
  • Added “Decompose Color Model”: Decompose the model into many models, and set the biggest model as the Main Model, and the other models will be treated as Child Models with the type Extruder 2.
  • Added “Paint”: To pick up a surface, perform operations like cropping, deletin and stretching.

4, Purge Tower

  • Added Load Purge Tower in the File Menu
  • In the Child Model Mode, users can define a Purge Tower using any existing models.
  • In the Config, users can define Auto Load Purge Tower, the number of perimeters, and infills.
  • Users can define dimensions for the L-shapes and hexagons.
5, Print Config
  • Added printing options:
    Print – Seam Optimization – String Factor, Ending Factor
  • Added Extruder 3 settings.
  • Added Purge Tower settings.
  • Added Print Cooling settings, and print scripts for Print Cooling and Stop Cooling for the fan on the dual extruder.
  • Optimized “Infill First”
  • Removed the “Entity ID”, and changed it to select the extruder number for the different path, and added “Top Raft”.

6, Two Wizards

  • After installing the software for the first time, and once the Soda is up and running, the wizard can help the users to select “Printer – # of Extruders – Nozzle Diameter – Layer Height”. If the users select Reset, once Soda restarts, the wizard will be running again.
  • In the Normal GUI with dual extrusion, once a model is loaded, a wizard will guide users to define Child Model or load images.

7, Layer View

  • Added the view for Extruder 3.
  • Added the display of the filament mixing area on the scanning path.

8, Other Features:

  • Optimized the Function Panel on the left, Tiertime Menu, and the Main Menu.
  • Added Main Menu Items: Help, and Feedback.
  • Optimized the settings of the extruders and the parameters.
  • Added the support for Spiral Printing Mode Spiral Printing Mode is only available in the single wall vase mode for printers with ESP32 system.
  • Optimized the top label of the extruder: Show the filament color that the extruder extrudes.
  • Optimized the “Print” button.
  • Various bug fixes.


1, Added the platform leveling for Cetus2 and UP Plus 3.
2, Auto leveling for Cetus2 and UP Plus 3 changed from 9-point to 12-point.

FAQs for UP Studio
Previous versions for all platforms.