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UP Studio


Systems Requirements

Operating systems:

Windows 7 (SP1) or higher (32 bit and 64 bit) Mac OS 10.10

Hardware requirements:

OpenGL 2.0 At least 4GB of RAM

UP Studio Version
1, Fixed the bug that after the printing pause, the extrude and withdraw operations from the software do not raise the temperature.
2, Fixed the UP600 pop up dialog after power outage.
3, Other performance improvement and bug fixes.

Windows Stable Release

Windows Drivers
Mac OS / iPhone iOS / iPad iOS
UP Studio Release(With MatDef separated): App Store Local
MatDef 1.0.2:App StoreLocal
Activation file for App Store:LDK for 2.7.2
Previous Releases:2.6.5
UP Studio 3 Beta (Code Name: Soda)

UP Studio 3.2.7 (Beta) Release

Version: 3.2.7
Release Date: 2022-11-06

UP Studio 3.2.7 Beta For Mac

Wand is combined in the UP Studio 3 DMG file.

Release Notes for UP Studio3 3.2.7


1, Added support for UP mini 3 and Cetus 2.
2, Added support for 3D model formats: AMF and OBJ.
3, Added default settings for all different machine models, nozzles, and layer heights.
4, Added new parameters:

  • a) Path – Custom Angle
  • b) Path – Compact Code
  • c) Printer – Separate Extruder
  • d) Printer – X/Y/Z (Dual Nozzles)
5, Moved the setting for the fan on Dual Extruder to “Printer”, and will switch to different scripts for different printer models.
6, Added a confirmation dialog when setting a parent model, whether the child model will follow the parent model when the parent model changes (e.g. Scaling).
7, Removed the support for TSK merging.
8, Bug fixes:
  • a) Fixed the zero position in X5
  • b) Fixed the dimension error for 300D and 350D when switching to dual extrusion.
  • c) Fixed the issue with dual extrusion in Wand, 9-point leveling the extruder could bang in the machine cover.
  • d) Fixed the issue in Wand failing to record the 9-point leveling values.
  • e) Various other bugs and performance improvement.

FAQs for UP Studio
Previous versions for all platforms.