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UP Studio


Systems Requirements

Operating systems:

Windows 7 (SP1) or higher (32 bit and 64 bit) Mac OS 10.10

Hardware requirements:

OpenGL 2.0 At least 4GB of RAM

UP Studio Version​
1, When working with Touchscreen Program over v1.5, users can specify the number of prints before hit the “Print”.
2, Fixed the issue that data transmission could not be stopped.
3, The Task file data transmission is optimized if working with Touch Screen Program 1.5.7 and above.
The Touch Screen Program 1.5.7 has been released. Please upgrade your machine.
Mac OS / iPhone iOS / iPad iOS
UP Studio Release(With MatDef Sepearated): App Store Local
MatDef 1.0.2: App Store Local
Activation file for App Store: LDK for 2.7.2
Previous Releases: 2.6.5
UP Studio 3 Beta (Code Name: Soda)

UP Studio 3.2.2 (Beta) Release

Version: 3.2.2
Release Date: 2021-11-11

UP Studio 3.2.2 Beta For Mac

Wand is combined in the UP Studio 3 DMG file.

Release Notes for UP Studio3 3.2.2

The main purpose of this release is to simplify the printing process and reduce the complexity of the GUI setup and connectivity for printing.

1, Added Support for Basic Mode and Advanced Mode for GUI
The two modes can be switched to one or the other by toggling the “Advanced UI” option in the Preference.
Basic Mode:

  • No log window.
  • No customized setting for printing.
  • No CMD options for the advanced commands.
  • Added “Print”, “Save”, “Preview” and other big buttons in the main area to help users to act efficiently.
  • Display only basic parameters for printing, and no more switching among Basic, Advanced, and Expert settings.

2, Optimized the printing process for easier printer connectivity setups.

  • Soda will automatically display the printers online.
  • Changes in Soda for printers connected will be changed in Wand.
  • Added “printing” label on printer list to indicate the current status of printers in Soda.
  • Clicking the printer in the printer list in Soda can connect the printer directly.

3,Other upgrades:

  • Soda is officially changed the name to “UP Studio3”
  • Added Support for Main Menu.
  • Improved “Scale” Function
  • Added messages when removing Purge Tower
  • Added Number of Prints in the print setting.
  • Various Bugs.


  • Closing Wand by the “X” button in the Wand dialog only minimizes the Wand to the Notification Area, not exits the program.
  • Added the value setting for individual point for 9-point leveling.
  • Added the value setting for the nozzle height.

FAQs for UP Studio
Previous versions for all platforms.