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UP Studio


Systems Requirements

Operating systems:

Windows 7 (SP1) or higher (32 bit and 64 bit) Mac OS 10.10

Hardware requirements:

OpenGL 2.0 At least 4GB of RAM

UP Studio Version
1, Added support for UP mini 3
2, Fixed the issue displaying build chamber for UP300D single extruder. 
3, Fixed the issue related to calibration for dual extrusion machines.
4, Optimized the operator transmission for Wi-Fi connection.

Windows Stable Release

Windows Drivers
Mac OS / iPhone iOS / iPad iOS
UP Studio Release(With MatDef separated): App Store Local
MatDef 1.0.2:App StoreLocal
Activation file for App Store:LDK for 2.7.2
Previous Releases:2.6.5
UP Studio 3 Beta (Code Name: Soda)

UP Studio 3.2.5 (Beta) Release

Version: 3.2.5
Release Date: 2022-04-11

UP Studio 3.2.5 Beta For Mac

Wand is combined in the UP Studio 3 DMG file.

Release Notes for UP Studio3 3.2.5


1, Support More New Models

Added support for new machine models: Cetus2, UP350, UP Plus 3, UP mini 3, and UP200.

2, Child Models

  • Optimized the work flow to add a Child Model.
  • Optimized the display of the Child Model view.
  • Added the display samples for the Base Model and the Child Model.
  • Added the option Extruder 3 and Surface Mode.

3, Right Click Menu

  • Added “Image Texture”: Added Images
  • Added “Reload Purge Tower”: Reload the Purge Tower.
  • Added “Set Main Model”: After loading multiple models, this command will set the Main Model, and other models will be treated as the Child Models to the Main Model.
  • Added “Decompose Color Model”: Decompose the model into many models, and set the biggest model as the Main Model, and the other models will be treated as Child Models with the type Extruder 2.
  • Added “Paint”: To pick up a surface, perform operations like cropping, deletin and stretching.

4, Purge Tower

  • Added Load Purge Tower in the File Menu
  • In the Child Model Mode, users can define a Purge Tower using any existing models.
  • In the Config, users can define Auto Load Purge Tower, the number of perimeters, and infills.
  • Users can define dimensions for the L-shapes and hexagons.
5, Print Config
  • Added printing options:
    Print – Seam Optimization – String Factor, Ending Factor
  • Added Extruder 3 settings.
  • Added Purge Tower settings.
  • Added Print Cooling settings, and print scripts for Print Cooling and Stop Cooling for the fan on the dual extruder.
  • Optimized “Infill First”
  • Removed the “Entity ID”, and changed it to select the extruder number for the different path, and added “Top Raft”.

6, Two Wizards

  • After installing the software for the first time, and once the Soda is up and running, the wizard can help the users to select “Printer – # of Extruders – Nozzle Diameter – Layer Height”. If the users select Reset, once Soda restarts, the wizard will be running again.
  • In the Normal GUI with dual extrusion, once a model is loaded, a wizard will guide users to define Child Model or load images.

7, Layer View

  • Added the view for Extruder 3.
  • Added the display of the filament mixing area on the scanning path.

8, Other Features:

  • Optimized the Function Panel on the left, Tiertime Menu, and the Main Menu.
  • Added Main Menu Items: Help, and Feedback.
  • Optimized the settings of the extruders and the parameters.
  • Added the support for Spiral Printing Mode Spiral Printing Mode is only available in the single wall vase mode for printers with ESP32 system.
  • Optimized the top label of the extruder: Show the filament color that the extruder extrudes.
  • Optimized the “Print” button.
  • Various bug fixes.


1, Added the platform leveling for Cetus2 and UP Plus 3.
2, Auto leveling for Cetus2 and UP Plus 3 changed from 9-point to 12-point.

FAQs for UP Studio
Previous versions for all platforms.