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Tiertime Announced UP300 Available in US

  • Now Stocked in US Warehouses
  • Available From Authorized Dealers and Tiertime’s Online Store
  • Mid-November Release in Europe

BEIJING – October 23, 2018 – Tiertime is proud to announce the immediate availability of its latest 3D printer, the UP300, in both Europe and the United States. Boasting a combination of next-generation features and the UP line’s largest build volume to date, the UP300 is a result of extensive research and customer feedback.

“We took everything we knew professionals and educators liked about our previous machines – the high-quality ABS printing, the air filtration, the large build size, the ease-of-use – and made it better,” said Joseph Guo, International Sales and Marketing Director, Tiertime Corporation. “Then we added new technology to enhance the user experience and provide additional value.”

The UP300 is Tiertime’s first printer to come with three interchangeable print heads, extruders specifically designed for high temperature, low temperature, and flexible filaments. It offers exceptional printing performance with a wide variety of materials.

“Our engineers spent a great deal of time studying optimal extruder designs and concluded there is no such thing as one size fits all,“ said Guo. “The requirements for printing with something like polycarbonate are not necessarily best for printing with a flexible like TPU.”

The purpose-specific print heads are only the first of a rich new feature set:

  • 205 × 255 × 225 mm build volume.
  • Superior enclosure design optimizes build chamber heat retention, diminishing air leakage and curtailing risk of part warpage. Two rigid, double-sided build plates with easy-grip handles for simple removal and installation. Each has a glass side, perfect for raftless printing. The opposite sides are Tiertime’s traditional perf and flex surfaces for standard and ultimate first layer adhesion.
  • Tiertime’s most robust air filtration system to date. Separate, easily-accessible, high-capacity HEPA and activated carbon filters minimize UFP and VOC emissions.
  • An enhanced touchscreen with onboard Linux operating system, capable of receiving programming updates for additions to the touchscreen’s menu and implementing future innovations.
  • Pre-sliced print jobs can be saved as TSK files, a new file format that includes details such as layer height, print quality, and infill.
  • A second USB port for reading TSK files from a USB memory stick, allowing computer-free operation.
  • Removable waste collection tray below the print bed.
  • Adjustable layer heights from 50 to 400 microns.
  • Tiertime Print Queue, a unique user interface for controlling a series of print jobs assigned to the printer by multiple authorized users. It is accessible from both UP Studio and the printer’s touchscreen.
  • An Ethernet port for wired LAN connectivity.

These new features combine with favorites from previous Tiertime models to make the UP300 the most advanced, flexible and complete 3D printer Tiertime has ever produced. UP owners will continue to enjoy automatic bed calibration and leveling, printer pause and resume, Wi-Fi connectivity, out-of-filament detection, and multiple nozzle options.

“Initial response has been fantastic,” said Guo. “Professionals have been buying enclosed UP printers for years thanks to reliable ABS printing. Now they can achieve the same, consistent output using an extensive variety of materials.”

About Beijing Tiertime

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