3D Printer
3D Printer
From Fabricator To Digital Artist

Digital Artist, Jared Fragd, makes the fantasy world a reality.

Once Upon a Time: 2009

The Story about Tiertime

Everything You Need From A 3D Printing Solutions Provider.

Hardware, software, materials – we have you covered. Whether you do prototyping, short-run manufacturing or one-of-a-kind creations, UP offers an entire line of products to help you realize your vision.

UP Fila – Manufactured By Tiertime

UP Fila filaments are specifically optimized for UP 3D Printers. Tested in Tiertime’s labs to ensure excellent performance at default printer settings, UP Fila is the fastest way to go from spool to finished print job.

People Are Talking

As far as I am concerned, one of these printers should be in every classroom in America. Students gravitate to it immediately. (UP mini 2)
Chris Van Meter, 2016-2017 California Teacher of the Year
Hours spent on software should be about learning CAD, not learning how to use software to control the printer. UP Studio is as easy as it gets.
Mike Titsch, 3D Printer World
The support generation is superior to any other printer I’ve ever used… Very satisfied with the quality of the prints. (UP BOX+)
Andrew Sink, Sink Hacks
(The UP mini 2) prints ABS like a boss! Your small ABS prints are an amazing quality on this machine. Honestly, you can’t see the layers on the prints.
Angus Deveson, Maker’s Muse