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The UP350 and UP350 Dual are the latest of Tiertime’s 3D printers designed with professionals in mind.It offers high precision and standard industrial volume.With a build chamber as big as 350 mm cube,the printer optimize temperatures of build chamber and filament compartment to achieve the best printing result.Not to mention its innovative bed leveling Mechanism.

Most Wanted Volume in Industrial Uses

350*350*350mm is the right build chamber dimension for industrial customers who need a large printing volume with limited workspace.

True Auto Calibration based on Load Balancing

The new bed leveling mechanism is based on the concept of load balancing. The calibration does not need human intervention, which is easy to operate and accurate as well.

Extruder with Higher Temperature

UP350 comes with a high-temp (Max. 350C) extruder supporting more industrial filaments. UP 350D is also equipped with an optional high-temp convergence dual extruder which can print industrial filaments below 300C.

Filament-Clog Detection

When clogging happens, the ongoing printing job will be paused for the protection of the model and the extruder. Once the clogging is fixed, the print job will be resumed.

Smart Temperature Protection (STP)

The temperature in the build chamber is monitored in real time during printing. When it surpasses the preset temperature, the heater in the filament compartment, and the heater on the build plate will be adjusted by the STP to ensure the temperatures are optimal.