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Tiertime Now Offers PLA for UP Series Printers

Beijing, March 26 2014, Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. (Tiertime) today announced that it offers ABS and PLA printing materials to institutions and individuals who buy 3D printers of Tiertime. Tiertime adds new options for customers to choose printing materials according to their needs.
Customers can then print grey, green and blue objects with checking the item of PLA material in the latest version of UP operation software. Objects printed with PLA material feature gorgeous colors and excellent surface gloss.
PLA is a kind of new biodegradable material and it is safe and environment-friendly as it is made of starch extracted from plants (such as maize). PLA material of Tiertime not only has superior mechanical property and physical property, but also has great gloss and transparency. It can achieve great presentation when printing relatively bigger models with relatively lower shrinkage, together with high quality UP desktop 3D printers, model printing features high precision, low shrinkage, order-free, etc.
“New PLA materials improves quality and diversity of 3D printing product portfolio and it has a great options for families, middle and primary schools, and other consumer sectors with high cost performance. Tiertime will continue to develop more new printing materials to meet needs of customers in the future”, said Gou Qiao, Marketing Director of Tiertime.
The new PLA printing material is the filament in diameter of 1.75 mm. There are grey, green and blue for option and it is available at dealers and Tiertime online stores.