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New Logo for Tiertime

Beijing, September 5 2014 Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tiertime) today unveiled its new logo on official site, MicroBlog and WeChat. The new logo not only represents the new image of the world leading brand, but also shows that brand management and communication of Tiertime are moving on smoothly.
The new logo can fully interpret properties of Tiertime: international brand, leadership, creativity, hi-technology and stylishness.
Considerating that the name “Tiertime” is composed of two English words –Tier and Time, the new logo is designed centering on two capital letters “T” and the overall design is inspired from the closed Mobius strip.
The magic of Mobius strip is to turn a page into a three-dimensional loop through 180-degree twisting, and 3D printers can form three-dimensional and real objects with layers of stacking of materials. The twisted and whirly ribbon presents the process of stacking of 3D printing. The classic and endless image interprets the spirit of Tiertime – forging ahead with determination and ceaselessness, and the vision of becoming leading integrated service supplier in the 3D printing industry.
The new logo uses sky blue and grass green to present vigorous and young brand image. The colors are defined as “wide blue”, “Tier blue” and “Tier green”. Typeface features digital simplicity and sense of power of machine, which further highlights cutting-edge technologies and reliable quality of our brand.
Guo Ge, General Manager of Tiertime, said, “The new logo is perfectly aligned with corporate culture and product style of Tiertime and marks a further step towards consumer-level users. It makes Tiertime to better cater to needs of young, innovative and family users. I want to reiterate that it is always our pursuit to become the most trusted 3D printer supplier.”
Tiertime invited China’s famous design studio LKK Design to redesign the brand logo. The successful cooperation in the new logo design makes Tiertime and LKK long-term partners.
Founded in 2003, Tiertime is China’s first hi-tech enterprise that specializes in developing, producing and selling industrial and desktop 3D printers. Tiertime has become the world leading and Asia’s largest 3D printer manufacturer, and one of three biggest desktop 3D printer manufacturers in the world. UP desktop 3D printers of Tiertime have won prestigious awards of the Make magazine twice and received wide-ranging recognition all over the world with advanced technology and perfect experiences.