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Introducing UP Plus 2

2010- Tiertime released UP Plus 3D Printer, it has become one of the first desktop 3D Printer worldwide.
2011-  UP Plus has become one of the most used tools among professionals and designers.
2012- UP Plus been first to introduce to the Chinese market.
2013- Tiertime proud to announce the release of UP Plus 2.
UP Plus 2 is an upgrade the original UP Plus, but with model appearance, the new feature for easy to use. There are two attachments included in UP Plus 2 package, a probe’s sensor and auto calibration parts. With these two parts attached, the UP Plus 2, will be calibrating and be leveling automatically.
Unlike, its predecessor that don’t have a place for filament spool, UP Plus 2 now has a printable filament holder which can be attached to the printer body.
Along with hardware upgrade, there are three key updates in the latest software release Version 1.19.
1. Support area is design to save the material used on printing support structures.
2. With new surface mode in print setting UP software, this will reduce the total printing time without any compromising on the printing quality. It is ideal for printing showpieces.
3. The new UP Studio added Auto Pause function, which allows you pause the print at certain hight. This function opens up possibilities like you to change the filament type or color in one print job.
Besides,  the build plate is snap-up on UP Plus 2 that made the print job adhere to the build plate securely,
We believe with all new features UP Plus 2 will provide you a better 3D Printing experience!
This launch marked a new milestone in Tiertime’s history.