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UP Plus 2 wins PC Magazine BEST 3D Printer of the Year

Established in 1982, PC Magazine set the standard of product review filed including laptop, screener, 3D Printing.
In this year 3D Printer Guide, 3D Printer candidates are marking by three criteria: price point, print quality, and easy to use.  Tiertime’s UP Plus series won this year PC Magazine Best 3D Printer of the year. Perviously, UP Plus also won
2012 Make Magazine awarded Tiertime “Best Overall Experience 3D Printer”; 2013 Make Magazine awarded UP Plus 2 and UP mini “Best in Class: Just Hit Print”. UP Plus has welcomed by teachers, engineers and designers by its easy to use, friendly software, quite operations, and  detailed user manual.
UP Plus 2 was roots from the experience and achievements of deep-twentieth years of research and development of 3D printing technology in the Tai Seoul era. Once launched, UP Plus 2 is loved and respected by 3D printing enthusiasts all over the world. Minimum print layer thickness of 0.15mm, to ensure print speed while both print accuracy; automatic calibration to adjust the system to solve the printer in the operation of the problem; the industry’s leading intelligent support generation, can produce very easy stripping support Structure; color-rich ABS and PLA wire, so clear and interesting print.
Quote from PC Magazine that ” worth considering by tech-savvy consumers”
Last but not least, from setting up the printer to start printing, UP Plus 2 can start printing within half an hour. Its software is packed with the essential print settings and can be work on both Windows and Mac machines.