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UP BOX First Debut at Maker Faire New York

At this year New York Maker fair, Tiertime showing its newly released UP BOX at
This is the forth times that Tiertime joined Maker Fair in New York so far, Maker Fair has become one of the biggest maker event around the world,it attacks other big companies like Intel, LG, Disney and General Motor.
In the spirit of “We Are Maker,” Maker Faire provide an ideal platform for to communication, sharing across all fields not just makers but also teachers, artists, engineers. 3D printing technology has been widely used for  personalized, customized and small batch production. As a tool for makers, 3D printers has been more and more attention by the global maker. Select Maker Faire as the platform for UP BOX to debut overseas for the first time, reflecting the innovative actions and international brand vision.
According to PR Newswire, the announcement of UP BOX published by Tiertime has been shared by 610 news media worldwide. All of them are focusing on three perspectives bigger build volume, minimum layer thickness, and enhanced printing speed.
At Maker Faire, UP BOX was the absolute start at Tiertime Booth. Maker was impressed by its large yet intricated object professional-grade printing quality. Larger, faster, cooler and finer, this is the “must have” that all 3D print enthusiasts are passionately pursuing; the wide variety of 3D printing models also gives you the ability to see UP BOX fully capable of challenging and complex Design printing tasks.
Makring Direcotr of Tiertime Mr. Guo said “3D Printer was getting popular in the US after the dropping price point and maker’s movement. It frees up makers version and helps them to make the actual object from the sketch. ”
In the global scale, the 3D Printer market still has not been fully developed yet. A market like China will thrive with enlarging makers community.
We believed that 3D Printer will reach to every families in the foreseeable future because “Careating 3D Printer for family’ is one of the major Tiertime holds from the very beginning.
Maker Faire is the very first attempt of  Tiertime’s  brighter future.