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Tiertime 3D Printers at China Science and Technology Museum

The China Science and Technology Museum is a unique, comprehensive science and technology center in China. It is an important instrument for science popularization, aimed to promote the development of the nation through science, education, and talents. The main attractions are exhibits, demonstrations and training practices. One of its goals is to increase interest and participation by the public, especially the youth, in the latest manufacturing technology. Tiertime provides Three UP Plus 2 desktop 3D printers to the Museum, which are placed in their own exhibit stands. The staff can demonstrate 3D printing technology to visiting audiences by printing and explaining 3D models.

The Museum is dedicated to innovation and teaching through lively activities. Advocating the latest technology in industrial manufacturing, the UP 3D printers are prominently displayed to expose the scientific principles behind the technology and increase understanding among the young.

Since the exhibit was set up last year, it has become a highlight, not only drawing multiple visits from loyal audiences but successfully attracting new visitors, thanks to 3D printing’s mystique and prestige.

Addressing the original intent of the exhibit, Museum staff said, “We find that audiences want to see and know emerging technology, especially if it can be related to life. People have frequently seen or heard of 3D printing’s flexibility via various news outlets in recent years, so they expect to see it here.”

Museum personnel estimate 80-90% of its daily visitors examine the 3D printers. Due to return visits, all visitors are likely to see the exhibit at one point or another.

In addition to the stands, two field exhibits are set up every day where at least two UP 3D printers operate simultaneously. Audiences can observe the process up close and even leave with a printed souvenir.

Print jobs are typically tailored toward a younger audience. Objects like cartoon Minions, Big White and Totoro are common requests.

“The Tiertime UP Plus 2 features easy-to-learn software and machine operation. Its simplicity lends itself to smooth field demonstration,” said the staff. “This machine is highly stable and can normally function uninterrupted for long periods of time.”

By incorporating the printers in an interactive manner, the Museum avoids one-way information flow, allowing young audiences to observe at a near distance. It drives participation in the experience, deepening the understanding and perception of the science and enhancing a desire to explore the technology and its capabilities further.