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Foshan Lishang Chooses Tiertime

Founded in Nov. 2013, Foshan Lishang 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. becomes one of the first enterprises, which have successfully applied the 3D printing technology in Foshan, Guangdong. Lishang is dedicated to sale and repairs of 3D printers and provides services of development, design and product printing and shaping to different industries by using the 3D printing technology. In the initial venture period of Lishang, Tiertime provides a preferential price discount and great support for stable transition. After 3-years’ independent venture, Lishang keeps a long-term cooperation with famous enterprises such as Midea, Camay and Higold and has evolved into a leading famous enterprise in the plastic shaping industry in Foshan.

As a founder of Lishang, Wu Lishang describes the relation with the Tiertime by using the term “very lucky”. Wu Lishang first contacted with the 3D printing technology due to learning of the related courses at Shunde Polytechnic. The theoretical teaching at the classroom makes Wu Lishan predict the development and application prospect of the 3D printing industry. Actual operation experiences of the Tiertime 3D printers also make him amazed by the originality of this emerging technology.

From that time, Wu Lishang obtained a 3D printing order for medical bed modeling via a friend and got the first pot of gold in his life. This fortune not only brings the extreme happiness to Wu Lishang in economy, but also makes him predict the venture opportunity. From that time, Wu Lishang decided to regard the 3D printing as his business and founded a studio together with several students at Shunde Polytechnic, which accumulated funds and resources and laid solid foundation for formal venture after graduation.

Since the Foshan Lishang 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, Lishang has investigated and compared many 3D printers. For Lishang, the purchased 3D printers will be used to daily customized printing, so the printers should have highlighted performance, including stability in long-term printing, higher precision for satisfying design requirements of different user products, and higher price/performance ratio, in order to reduce the operation cost on the initial phase.

After studying local main forums and consulting the experts, Wu Lishang decided to purchase the Tiertime 3D printers. When Wu Lishang went to the South China office of Tiertime to purchase, technicians printed the desk lamp required by Wu Lishang urgently. The founders of Lishang recognized excellent performance of Tiertime printers.

So far, Foshan Lishang 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. has purchased many Tiertime 3D printers, including UP Plus 2, UP BOX, S250, D255, D290, A370 and A450, and has established long-term cooperation with Tiertime.

The business of Lishang has developed stably and now involves in different fields including the 3D printing, handplate manufacturing, plastic part and non-standard part processing, industrial design reader printing and processing, and production of fine home appliance fittings, hardware fittings, furniture parts, and plastic products.

Wu Lishang frankly said that he worried about material blockage and deformation of the 3D printers in printing of the customer models. After a long operation, he appraised the Tiertime 3D printers and said, “the Tiertime 3D printers feature in stable performance and high printing precision, and can satisfy the customer’s requirements to most extent. Our frequently used UP Plus 2 is simple and easy to operate and is a portable product with higher price/performance ratio.”