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We have updated our Privacy Policy

At Tiertime, we value your privacy. All the information you share with us, store in our server, and communicate in our public forum are part of the assets in our ecosystem that we commit to protect.
In the Privacy Policy dated 2016, we have already clearly explained what Personal Data we collect, and why we collect it. In order to provide more transparent privacy practices, give more choices for you to control your data, and conform to the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we updated our Privacy Policy.
GDPR is a law that will benefit all the customers in the Internet Era, and our update, not only in the Privacy Policy, but also in our products, including printers, software, and websites are in conformance to the GDPR, and we will keep working on user data protection the first priority when it comes to our customer’s privacy.
Please read the Privacy Policy and other Policy update carefully, and take actions accordingly. Acceptance of the Privacy Policy ensures the continuation of your service and the benefit that Tiertime offers.
If you have any concerns regarding to privacy related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us
Team Tiertime