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UP Plus 2 EASY TO USE by MAKE Magazine

Yesterday, MAKE magazine announced that UP Plus 2, a desktop-class 3D printer developed and manufactured by Beijing Tire Time Technology Co., Ltd., won the magazine’s 2013 Best Consumer Award (Best in Class: Just Hit Print) first place. Among the 23 desktop 3D printers from different manufacturers around the world, the UP Plus 2 includes two “stunning” features of automatic horizontal alignment of the printing platform and automatic alignment of the nozzles to the printing platform .
MAKE magazine believes that horizontal alignment and auto-alignment have been two of the challenging technologies in the 3D printer industry. Prior to printing platform level calibration and nozzle height is generally done by hand. Working this way, printing fails or the machine is damaged from time to time. Tyloon era brave innovations, breaking these challenges, to ensure the quality of the print model and the safe operation of 3D printers.
MAKE Magazine gives an overall evaluation of Taiyo era UP Plus 2 “Innovative automatic calibration, excellent print quality, rich features and easy-to-use software”. The magazine also pointed out that the Tai Seoul era in print platform automatic level calibration technology breakthrough will bring this trusted desktop printer to a higher level.
As the person in charge of the Taier era research and development team, Dr. Guo Ge, general manager of Taier era, said: “After the top-ranking printer of Tai Li era made the first comprehensive experience of MAKE Magazine this year, it won the most rewarded consumer award this year “This will undoubtedly be a huge incentive for our future work.” “We see the mass market as the main target market and will continue to invest more in innovation in order to allow our customers to access higher quality products “He added.
MAKE Magazine, the leader in Maker Drives and the creator of Maker Faire, has developed programs and uniform standards for evaluating desktop-grade 3D printers. It was commissioned by 15 prominent experts in the 3D printing industry to test printers Performance was rigorously assessed on a case-by-case basis to select the best product and to provide consumers with a guide to buying 3D printers in 2014. Due to its outstanding performance in 3D printer technology, MAKE magazine chose UP Plus 2 as part of its purchase guide cover image.