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Tiertime Helps Beyou Build 3D Printing Magic House for Teaching

Beyou is the largest professional children experience city in the Asia, which is dedicated to bringing the trendy social experience activities to children in a manner of teaching through lively activities, so children can know the latest scientific knowledge and social general knowledge and train excellent characters in the games. With the innovative parent-child experience mode, Beyou has evolved into one of the domestic China entertainment brands with the most mature operation and the top popularity. Beyou planned and built the 3D printing magic house together with Tiertime during 2015 winter vacation, which combined the cutting-edge technology with the novel interest to make the children experience the magic of the advanced technology.

In the Tiertime 3D printing magic house, children can print the customized “3D small picture key ring” or “DIY building block icon lamp” at the field under assistance of the instructor via taking simple photos. They can witness the whole process of the 3D printing with their eyes and percept the 3D printing as a high technology full of interest in the novel and interest game experience.

Compared with the routine social experiences for the children, the 3D carnival activity presented by Beyou is a new attempt and break-through in the subject planning and field execution. Extensive appraisals and explosive traffic also validate this success. Beyou has received over 36000 visitors, including about 14000 child visitors. Over 30000 visitors participate in or experience the 3D printing.

When talking of the concept of planning the 3D carnival activity as a special activity, Mr. Hou, a development director of Beyou, “The 3D printing is a cutting-edge technology in recent years. We expect to bring some fresh and interesting experiences and perceptions to children and parents via our 3D carnival activity!”

After identifying the subject of the 3D carnival activity, Beyou has done many preparation works for it and has conducted extensive investigations in the domestic 3D printing manufacturers. Finally Beyou cooperated with Tiertime and selected the Tiertime UP Plus 2 desktop printer for the 3D printing magic house. The director Hou said, “The big challenge for the 3D printing magic house is that the experience operation instructors are temporarily trained due to high traffic, so they are lack of technologies, therefore,very stable, durable and easy-to-operate devices are required. Based on the previous investigations, Beyou thinks that the Tiertime UP Plus 2 has obvious advantages in easy operation, stability and durability.”

The Tiertime 3D printing magic house receives experiencers  from home experiences. After a group ends, next group will instantly start, so the printers should operate for a long period. The Tiertime 3D printers are highly appraised by the experience operation instructors due to its excellent operation performance under such high load, “The 3D carnival activity has operated for one month, but the printers are free of any failure or influence.”

As a “Meritorious role” in the eyes of the operating instructors, the UP Plus 2 is also loved and pursued by children. Although it will spend about 20-30 min on printing each 3D small portrait, it is a challenge for the patience of children. Beyou also allows to be taken after first registration, but many children do not leave from it and stand around these novel printers to stare at the gradually shaping work at front of them.

Success of the Tiertime 3D printing magnetic house makes Beyou interested in exploration of the 3D experience project. The direcdtor Hou said that Beyou was considering how to integrate the 3D printing experiences into the new social experience projects such as large gate passing games under development and would present it to the public. “Although the 3D printing technology is quickly developing, it is a novel technology for the public. Parents and children are also interested in it.” The principals from Beyou 3D experience library believed that the 3D printing technology would change the traditional mode of the juvenile scientific education in cities at some fields in future.

Dave White, a famous teacher in England, has ever said, “If you can seize the imagination of students, you can seize their attention. On the one hand, the 3D printing technology can make children give a full play of their imagination and creativity. On the other hand, the experience for operating the 3D printers not only increases the learning interests, but also improves the practice passion of the children. ”

Today, nearly all colleges, middle schools and primary schools in America have established the 3D printing course in order to cultivate innovative talents for the next-generation for “Industry 4.0”. The 3D printing technology will affect some of the science and technology education and training mode in China changes. To realize the target of “national innovation”, Tiertime will be dedicated to the science popularization education for the domestic and foreign children and youth, improve their interest and passion in exploration of unknown fields, and drive application of the 3D printing technology in the youth in improvement of our 3D printing technology.