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COSIO Use UP Plus 2 to Prototype Decorative Lighting

Guangdong COSIO Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “COSIO”) adopts UP Plus 2 in designing and printing decorative lighting prototypes in order to better satisfy the overseas partners in terms of design innovation and presentation prototypes. By printing decorative lighting prototype with UP Plus 2 desktop 3D printer, COSIO reduces the manufacturing time and costs greatly and improves the operation convenience of model design in comparison to the traditional production process. It also enhances the ability of developing overseas market and improving its brand influence while satisfying the customers in an efficient and customized way.

As the President unit of Foshan Lighting Association, COSIO acts as an export-oriented enterprise specialized in R&D, design and sales of decorative lighting with independent import & export right. Its flagship products are sold in domestic and overseas markets and take prevalence among the international customers.

During long-term cooperation with overseas customers, COSIO fully understands the overseas customers’ requirements such as time efficiency in submitting decorative lighting prototype, the design innovation and feasibility. COSIO also feels the pressure from foreign rivals as a lot of foreign manufacturers have started designing and manufacturing decorative lighting with 3D printing technology. COSIO determines to keep pace with the times by introducing 3D printing technology and finally adopts UP Plus 2 from Tiertime among different 3D printing brands. Director of Design and Production Mr. Liang said “By visiting and having deep a understanding in Tiertime Foshan Office, we choose UP series 3D printer because of its stable quality, as well as good and convenient customer service.”

Designing and manufacturing of decorative lighting prototype and important parts play a vital role in helping customers decide whether purchase it or not. COSIO faced three problems in former designing and manufacturing of prototypes: control of time and cost in manufacturing prototypes, as well as the way to generate and verify prototype design conveniently and quickly, all of which were effectively improved by introducing 3D printing technology. Director Liang said “Compared with traditional manufacturing method of decorative lighting prototyping, 3D printing can offer manufacturers strong control in time management, satisfying customers who are in urgent need of prototypes. It took one or half a month from tooling to completion in previous manufacturing of prototypes. The time control is difficult as it totally depends on prototype workshop, delays for a few days after the deadlines are usually unavoidable. After we started 3D printing our own prototypes, they can be obtained in one or two days and we can fully grasp the time. We can save about two-thirds prototyping time via 3D printing.” “Another advantage is control of cost. The cost in producing prototypes will be greatly reduced via 3D printing technology.” Liang said. About more than half of the cost will be saved in manufacturing one prototype; a shorter time can also help the company reduce the cost.

What’s more, Tiertime’s technology has provided convenient and user friendly functions in making prototypes thus saving the verification time. Liang said “The convenience of UP Plus 2 is the most beneficial for COSIO during prototype printing, because the printing software can generate supports automatically and all what designer need to do is design the prototype, and there is no need to consider printing failure of some difficult shapes, thus avoiding the modifications by designer. The designer can operate UP Plus 2 by himself with little training as the whole operation procedure of UP Plus 2 is very simple and easy.”

Benefiting from UP Plus 2 in terms of high precision, good stability and simple operation, COSIO purchased one more UP Plus 2 in 2014. The decorative lighting prototypes made by COSIO through 3D printing were displayed in Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition, which helped the Chinese companies to further develop overseas market. “Highly efficient partners are favored by customers and prototypes made by COSIO through 3D printing are popular among overseas customers. 3D printing technology can improve the brand recognition and promote business cooperation” Liang said.

COSIO has great trusts in 3D printing technology and will firstly print all new products and parts in further development of new products in order to verify the design and view the effects. They firmly believe that the Chinese enterprises have to speed up R&D process to achieve the international standard and there will be more needs for 3D printing technology in lighting industry along with the maturity and development of 3D printing technology.