Las mejores impresoras 3D de primavera de 2019

by Anatol Locker  Cuál es la mejor impresora 3D? Aquí tienes la guía sobre las mejores impresoras 3D de primavera de 2019 divididas en 17 categorías. También incluimos un análisis completo de cada una de las impresoras 3D, así como explicaciones de las terminologías. Deseas comprar una impresora 3D con la mejor relación calidad-precio? ¿Te […]

Tiertime Mini2 ES and UP300 were selected by All3DP as the best ABS printer in 2019

Excerpt from All3DP by Azzura Lalani Most 3D printers claim to be able to print ABS. But only a few really do a good job. Check out our guide to the best ABS 3D printers and find the perfect pick for your needs. Though most FDM printers can print with ABS, from Creality to Prusa,  […]

Tiertime Announced UP300 Available in US

Now Stocked in US Warehouses Available From Authorized Dealers and Tiertime’s Online Store Mid-November Release in Europe   BEIJING – October 23, 2018 – Tiertime is proud to announce the immediate availability of its latest 3D printer, the UP300, in both Europe and the United States. Boasting a combination of next-generation features and the UP […]

Print from a USB Stick

New Feature Announcement In the latest Touch Screen Program (V2.5034), we released the new feature “Print from a USB Stick”. User can save a Tiertime TSK file on a USB stick drive, take the drive to any compatible Tiertime 3D printer, and print the TSK file directly without the need of using UP Studio on [...]

Comparison for Three Different Extruders

PLA Extruder Enhanced Cooling. Best for low temperature filaments, e. g. PLA. ABS Extruder General Extruder with Fan Duct Switch. Capable of printing high temperature filaments, e. g. ABS TPU Extruder Better Feeding Less Jamming. Best to work with flexible materials, e. g. TPU Size of Fan Block A bigger fan block provides extra air [...]

TPU Shoe

TPU is a flexible material widely used in many industries including automobile, electronics appliance, and variety of cable, tube and adhesive coating. With the powerful addition of 3D printing, lots of new applications becomes possible using TPU because of its excellence properties, for example: high elasticity, high strength, transparency and etc. Today, we would like [...]