12V power fail. Blown motherboard?

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12V power fail. Blown motherboard?

Post by -soapy- » Thu May 28, 2015 10:31 pm

While I wasn't watching, another hackspace member plugged in my first generation UP! and found it did not work. On troubleshooting I was baffled - it has been rock solid for years - until I just found he has used a 12V psu instead of the correct 5V one.

It now doesn't work. Anyone got any ideas? Is there a fuse? New main board? Help!

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Re: 12V power fail. Blown motherboard?

Post by FallGuy » Thu Jun 04, 2015 6:24 pm


Sorry it took so long to reply, I have been on the road for work quite a bit lately. Unfortunately, I think the board is toast. I also have a first gen UP and sometime in the second year while plugging it in, it gave a little spark and that was it. I was using the right power brick with it, and the cable was plugged into the printer, the spark occured at the wall outlet when I was plugging it in; nothing large just a real quick spark like a static discharge. After that it would do anything. After looking at the board and all the other connections I never could locate any ground or short circuit issues, or any components that got too much current and let the "magic smoke" out. There was never a fuse or anything that could be replaced, and customer service advised that I would have to replace the board, which i did, and I have had no problems since.

Also, good to see you are still printing. Been a while since I have seen you on the board. Hope everything is going well.


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