Custommade Nozzle

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Custommade Nozzle

Post by menno » Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:02 pm

For a while I was curious what happen if I make my own nozzle with a extrusion diameter of 0.3mm instead of 0.4mm.Well today i give it a try at work.
I made one of brass my own with a extrusion diameter of 0.3mm.The result is amazing and I could not believe my eyes.The prints are much better!I will make one with a diameter of 0.2mm or 0.25mm....that is tricky because of surface issues.If you want a step file of the nozzle let me know.Picture on the left orginal nozzle at the right my nozzle.

DSC00664 - kopie.JPG
Zelfgemaakte Nozzle
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Re: Custommade Nozzle

Post by ktronik » Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:47 am

any chance you can do a before and after shot, of print?? would love to see the difference...;)

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Re: Custommade Nozzle

Post by Lawrence » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:32 am

I bought a 0.3mm and a 0.2mm nozzle on eBay for $7.50 each including delivery.
I bought them to use on a different machine that allows you to select the nozzle diameter, but have not used them yet.
I was and still am reluctant to use them on the Up!Plus because the slicing assumes a 0.4mm diameter, and extrudes for that and lays filament spaced for 0.4mm extrusion.
I am concerned that the reduced diameter which has 45% less opening area may cause the filament to be extruded to fast for the smaller nozzle and result in frequent blockages and even damage to to the extruder mechanism.
I am open to be convinced and would also like to see a 0.4mm print side-by-side with a 0.3mm print.
Also, are you using genuine Up! filament, 3rd party ABS, or PLA.
Once again, just my opinion.

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Re: Custommade Nozzle

Post by roller » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:39 pm

Changing the nozzle will change the desirable width over height ratio and of course the maximum extruded width so printing will be sub optimum BUT that will be sub optimum to what PP3DP/UP has decided what the should be not necessarily suboptimal for the actual print you are are doing and the result you desire ... so changing nozzles may improve the outcome of some prints. There are some things to be aware of however:

- With a smaller nozzle you need to keep you maximum layer height lower - at least one lever lower then the nozzle width in fact.
- Because you are reducing the extruder opening but not adjusting the filament feed speed you will be increasing the filament extrusion velocity - this will tend to increase how much the filament squrims. If you compare extruding into air with the stock 0.4 versus a much smaller nozzle it will tend to snake around. This will get worse the smaller the nozzle diameter gets and in turn will reduce print reliability. I suspect you will notice this most in printing of support material which is only a single extrusion wide so any squirming will tend to mean it misses the layer below.
- As the nozzle gets smaller so does the back pressure and as the up only has a relatively weak NEMA14 stepper and a extruder drive pinion that does not have adjustable tensioning you will find a point where the nozzle is too small and the extruder either misses steps or slips.

Finally, I would not bother going lower than 0.3mm. The whole reprap world has played with a lot of nozzles and 0.3mm is pretty much the lower limit of success. Anything below that generally is too much of a pain to get printing reliably ... and thats when you have the luxury of adjusting the feedrate to optimise the extruded filament.

Finally, how sure are you that your nozzle in 0.3mm wide (or that the original is 0.4mm - I know that's what it's claimed to be but maybe it's a little less)?

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