PLA extruder for UP BOX+

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PLA extruder for UP BOX+

Post by MakerTree3D » Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:18 am

So, after a great deal of testing with the new PLA extruders for the UP300/ UP BOX+, I figured I could share our experiences with them.

The new PLA extruders differ from the ABS extruders by having more, and thinner fins of the black heatsink that cools the cold zone of the throat tube, and in combination with the PTFE Teflon tube that also runs down the throat tube as well, protects lower temp filament such as PLA from softening prior to reaching the melt zone. These (2) factors along with a 40x40x20 fan instead of the 40x40x10 fan on the ABS extruder helps to open up to more 3rd party material compatibility.

The standard UP BOX+ extruder is essentially that of the newer termed "ABS extruder", so the PLA extruder makes for great add-on for UP BOX+ owners.
NOTE: that when swapping between the PLA and ABS extruders, the nozzle distance will need to be changed since the PLA extruder I slightly longer by around 2mm-2.5mm.

Filament brands and types of PLA that have always ben probleatic are now usable in our UP BOX+ units! We can now predictably prit with PLA flaments from Hatchbox, Inland, colorFabb PLA/ PHA and other less common brands. We've also been able to consistantly work with woodfilled PLA filament with the new PLA toolhead which can be troublesome in various typs of printer hotends.
I did create custom material profiles for the other standard PLA materials, and then one seperately for the woodfill, but only a few edits are made to a new profile, based on the Tiertime PLA profile. I would raise the extruder temp to 222c for the Inland and other standard PLA filaments, retraction up to 25, filament diameter up to 1.75mm from the default 1.7mm, and density set at 1.25 (couldn't recall if I had to change this from some default), and with the Inlnd PLA/ PLA+ I had to reduce the extrusion width by 0.05 for perimeter shells, infill and support.

Anywa, as a summary, the PLA extruder has made our UP BOX+ units into a much more compatible printer with an even wider range of lower temp materials (PLA), and feels to open some new capabilities tha we didn't have (t least easily) with it previously. The (3) seperate extruder options, in tandem wth the new custom material manager breathes some new life into our Tiertime printers. It just takes a minute to acclimate to the terminology used in the Material Profile Manager since Tiertime uses different terms than other printer software development teams, but once you know what the few terms/ settings are for, then fine tuning for new materials with the specialized extruders is a pleasure.

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Re: PLA extruder for UP BOX+

Post by TiertimeBrook » Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:37 am

Appreciated for sharing the experiences for us!

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Re: PLA extruder for UP BOX+

Post by Owen Sparks aka Marksman » Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:15 pm

Great post, thanks for taking the time.

Cheers, Owen S.

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