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User support of the community

Post by DrewPetitclerc » Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:34 pm

Hello Everyone,

I was recently approached by a representative of the manufacturer of the printer we all use and was asked how they can improve their marketing and design, both questions have a lot of possible answers but one that came to mind for me is that all of us users could use an image of our printers for our avatar icons on the web/blog sites we post to, such as "Thingiverse".
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This would show solidarity and keep the attention of people considering a new purchase towards the UP!

Another is for user in areas where it is possible to connect with a local VAR (value added reseller) and create a local meeting as often as convenient (monthly, quarterly, yearly) where Uppers can come together with representatives from the company to discuss and iron out issues and trade tips and trick, sort of a club or convention meeting.

Last and to me most important is I attend trade shows related to my work and was very surprised and pleased to see the UP! in attendance in a booth at the local" Design 2 Part" trade show but I let them know my disappointment that there had been no notification on any of the VAR WEB pages or even here on the blog site that they would be presenting. They have promised to do better in the future of informing us when and where they will be in the future and I feel we should all make the attempt to go to these shows and give them our support, it affords us the opportunity to connect with them and each other.
The benefit to us is a more direct connection to ask our questions and propose our wants and needs, to them they get personal testimony of how the printers have helped us do our jobs, save money or release our creativity, this can help them to be more successful and this translates to us all in a positive way.

Thank you for listening
Drew Petitclerc
Drew Petitclerc
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Re: User support of the community

Post by Tiertime-Edward » Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:39 am

Hello Drew Petitclerc,

Thank you very much for your support, and appreciate your words in encouraging UPers to support us.

We would like very much to listen to your suggestion, to let all the UPers to know our presence next time on our website. Hope to see more and more UPers where we will present, and hope to chat with you all directly. Thank you!


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Re: User support of the community

Post by FallGuy » Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:08 pm

I think Drew is right on this. Even a little "Calendar of upcoming Events or Shows" on the PP3DP website would be nice. It would give the users a chance to go to one of the nearby events and maybe meet up with other users, VARs, or company representatives. I did notice on the X-object website for the US VAR they do have a little tab indicating that they were going to the Westec show. To be honest, I don't browse the X-object website all that much because the content never really changes. It looks like they are going to "re-launch" the online store, but their blog is still showing the same single posting from Oct. of 2011. I didn't get a chance to make it to Solidworks World this year but would have loved to have had a chance to meet the people who built my printer, maybe next year!

Some pictures of printers being assembled or being tested prior to shipping like you used to publish in the blog would be nice too. As a growing company It gets difficult to stay as connected with the users as it was early on. Maybe if you posted some of the STL files that some of the PP3DP employees have created, or even little tutorials on techniques you have created to improve the print experience. Things that are not really important enough to put in the manual but make a difference in operating the UP. Similar to the guide you provided about how to calibrate the printer.

If you posted some type of survey of improvements we would like to see in future product releases, how our printers are holding up in business environments as compared to the home hobbyist use, or any little problems we have come across, I for one would fill it out to try and help you refine your product.