Not model & support error

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Not model & support error

Post by SteveW » Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:04 am

I made a quickie model of a little building with a satellite dish on it that I've attached. When trying to print preview on the Up! software I get a "Not model & support" error. The model needs to be scaled up 25.4x to get it to the correct scale, and at that time it reports the error for height 4.0-4.2.

Is the overhang at that point a problem? I have tried adding different scaling factors and using the Unsolid Model option, with no effect.
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Re: Not model & support error

Post by Marcus » Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:34 am

This should print fine from my experience;
Either you need to change the support angle settings or there is a error in the model (the fix unsolid option will not help with every problem). It's hard to tell without seeing the model.
With some of my sloppy models I had similar issues, but rescaling it just a little sometimes helped. Or using Meshlab or Netfabb (Cloud) to fix the model. If everything goes wrong you could still try printing it on the backside.

Could you provide a few more angles of the model (perhaps higher resolution, if not possible due to upl
oad limits try or some other service) or even provide the STL (Thingiverse?)?

From what I can see in the small picture, there are two irregularities;
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They look like open surfaces, but due to the low resolution I am not sure.
Such holes sometimes cause these problems.