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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by carbokart » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:12 pm

I have noticed that the time estimation is the same whatever printing speed you choose. This is not only true for the latest version but for sometime now. It was useful for making decisions when time is more critical in order to get the printed part at a certain time for a project.

It would be great if it could get fixed as soon as possible.

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by halfluck » Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:50 am

Hi Guys,

Having this strange issue with the latest version of UP Studio Version:, When i try to import a tool chain
it gives me the option to run:
Untitled.jpg (72.05 KiB) Viewed 15669 times
after some time its seems to be processing in the background then I get this error
gcode_error.jpg (83.26 KiB) Viewed 15669 times
I have tried various toolchains from Simplify3d, Cura & Slic3r all with the same issue.

Thanks for your time Rob.

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by espinetegg » Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:42 pm


¿beta change log? ;)

Thank you

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by 3DWP » Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:39 am

Gcode? On what machine?

Tiertime, can we get gcode to run on our printers? I know Cetus can, I hope to see it for my Up Box :D

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by kerstman » Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:03 pm

beta runs GCODE :D :D :D :D

Or spoke too soon. Load GCODE, run - bed goes to the back - motion system error on the mini2.

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by 3DWP » Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:06 pm

My Up Box/Up Box Plus won't load gcode, the option isn't there when opening a file :cry:

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by kerstman » Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:35 pm

There's no option specific for gcode.
Click the + to add a file and browse to your gcode.
It will ask if you wanna run the job, say yes, it will directly start heating and preparing for the print but might error out.

If we don't get the change log for the beta version we don't know if it should work or not.

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by 3DWP » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:12 pm


Thanks for the tip but now my Up Box seems like it's bricked.. It also did not print the gcode and now it won't initialize :x It keeps beeping and beeping so now maybe my CPU is busted..

Tiertime, can you tell me what to do now? How can I get it working again?

So people, don't try to upload gcode yet untill Tiertime updates the release info :?

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by kerstman » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:57 pm

Auch :( i'm sorry for that man.
My mini just threw the error and after i restarted, printing was going fine as before.

Not entirely sure what's going on or why features that look like they can damage stuff are half implemented.

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by 3DWP » Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:43 pm

My CPU is still not working, or rather my Up Box keeps beeping and NOT initializing.

Seriously Tiertime, can you help me out? What can I do to fix it because it happened with the software.. Does a ROM flash help?

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by 3DWP » Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:45 am

Not any statement from Tiertime what's the problem when a CPU keeps beeping?

Would like some feedback about this, can't my CPU/Up Box be brought back to life? It's ridiculous you can wreck your product ''digitally'' with the software :cry:

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by Diego.Giovany » Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:28 pm

Try to format your sdcard, or use a new one...

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by tel » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:14 am

send an email directly to support. I had a similar issue where my UPBox wouldnt initialise and continually beeped and it ended up being a CPU issue that needed replacing (thankfully I was still within warranty). Did you get a replacement CPU as part of the upgrade a few months ago? If so you could put the old one in to see if it is the CPU.

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by 3DWP » Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:48 pm

I tried the SD card already, also tried another CPU I have.

It is the CPU sadly.. I also mailed Tiertime and they say my serial number is out of warranty. :x

Although this is true I am sad this happened only using an option in their Up Studio software, it shouldn't be possible to brick your hardware like this :cry:

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by tel » Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:49 am

Totally agree. There should be safeguards in the software to prevent it from being bricked. At a minimum they should be giving you the CPU at the $50 upgrade price - realistically it should be free in my view.

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by Diego.Giovany » Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:12 am

If it's a new CPU, CPU still under warranty...

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by Owen Sparks aka Marksman » Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:39 pm change log please.


Owen S.

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by Tiertime_Betty » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:35 am


1. Optimized Wheel Menu:
a. The edge of the Wheel Menu can be dragged and dropped to become a left, top or right menu bar.
b. The Wheel Menu cannot be dragged during 2D image editing.
c. Wheel Menu positioning is remembered between UP Studio usage sessions.
2. New Wheel Menu functions:
a. Display Model: Wireframe, Solid and Wireframe, Transparent and Solid.
b. Flip: Convert the model to its mirror opposite on a chosen axis.
c. Clip View: View the model’s interior using a sliding axis plane.
d. Rotate Face to Bottom: Automatically rotate the model so a selected face becomes the bottom.
e. Drop to Print Bed: Drop the model to the print bed.
3. New Add options:
a. More file formats: obj,3mf,ply,off,3ds,gcode.
b. New Basic Models: Pyramid, Tube, Wedge, Right-Angle Wedge, Star, Font.
4. Right-Click Model Menu:
a. Now Edit Basic option (opens a window for editing basic UP Studio models).
b. New Voxelization option (represent the model as cubes).
5. New Anti-Crash feature.
6. New Feedback Section.
7. Undo maximum increased from 10 to 20 steps.
8. Zoom centered on cursor by mouse scroll wheel.
9. Optimized the process of model upload.
10. Print Settings Preferences button replaced by double-right arrow in Print Settings title bar.
11. Optimized Top Menu Bar:
a. Should not disappear anymore.
b. Click the printer’s name to connect to another printer.
c. Added animation for filament icon.
12. Double-click the left mouse button to reset Zoom level.
13. New Stop Preheat function.
14. Optimized content popup window for software upgrade.
15. Optimized model download at Moshop.
16. Added UP Glass Board as default print board type for UP BOX and UP BOX+.
17. Altering nozzle height will now delete all saved print slot content. Actions such as Auto Level, Nozzle Detect, software-assisted manual calibration and changing the Print Board type will alter the nozzle height. Therefore, after performing one of these actions, all saved model print slots will be
lbbetty wrote:UPStudio v1.9.2.2 released

1、 solved problem of UPStudio can't install on windows 10 OS
2、optimized moshop
UPStudio v1.9.1 released

1.Optimised text setting for editing 2D image.
2. Remove the model size limitation for editing 2D image.
3. Added radius setting for scaling “Torus.”
4. Optimised “Align to the floor.”
5. Optimised model display.
6. Optimised banner display.
7. Optimised model arrange meant for copying model.
8. Attached calibration model for vertical calibration.
9. Optimised “Normal Link” as default for network settings.
10.Bug fixes and performance improvements .
11.Added login forbidden.

UPStudio v1.9.03 beta
1. Added "Control Cube" at the right bottom corner of build envelop which allows you to view the model with specific directional attributes.

2. Replaced “Delete” with “Align to the floor” at wheel menu. Click the certain plane to place the model on the backplane.

3. Added group models selection while holding middle button on mouse.

4. Added directional arrows on operate axis rotating the model.

5. Added undo "Delete Model". Maximum 10 steps backwards can be undone.

6. Added “HTTPS Proxy” option if “Normal Link” selected. This option only available to select if the button highlighted.

1) 选择范围为默认轮廓线宽的 -0.15 到 +0.25mm, 但不能小于默认线宽的0.7倍。
2) 已0.05mm为间隔,预设选项,供用户选择,也接受用户自己输入,但限制范围。
例如: 0.2层厚默认0.47mm轮廓线宽, 则选项为0.32,0.37,0.42 ,0.47,0.52,0.57,0.62,0.67,0.72。

7. Added "Contour Line Width" editing section in "Advanced Print."

8. Only featured mode displayed in Library. Moved “Local” and other categories to “My Account”.

9. Added "Model Attributes" section in “Property” in right-click menu. And the “Model Attributes” window can be dragged around.

10. Improved "Text" feature in 2D Image setting.

11、添加图片中增加转换基底(增加了灯罩和相框),去掉了橡皮:暂时将风格替换成转换基底11. Added "Select Base" (Lampshade and Frame )in 2D image setting.

12. Value in Nozzle height box change along with actual nozzle height moved.

13. Improved "Model size" editing.

15. Improved entering IP address: visible mouse flickering and click “Tab” start entering at next edit box.

16. Brought back "Platform" option at the end of the auto level, and nozzle detect process.
UPStudio v1.8.1.0
1. Fixed jog system error
2. closed check material function without connecting printer
3. Fixed the bug of internet out of time while print and reprint
4. Fixed the bug of "Login button"cann't be clicked while login out of time
5. Fixed the bug of" The online printer always rember the information of previous one"
6. Fixed the bug of "the mask of UI will not disappear whiel Fixed small model finished "
7. other UI bugs
1. the offset value of nozzle height will not be clear after nozzle height detect
2. 100 extra porints will be got after active a printer

UPStudio v1.8.03 beta release
1. Upgraded Calibration Module to Model Calibration, and offered Calibration STL downloadable from website.

2. You can connect to a printer with entering its IP address.

3. You can connect to a hidden WIFI by entering SSID.

4. Added Text support on Image. Text can be moved around, and new line is supported.

5. Moved Platform Setting from Auto Height Adjustment and Leveling to Maintenance Dialog. The Platform parameters will be obtained from the server.

6. Added “Print Time Remain” in Model Library

7. Added software declaration

8. Added “Settings in the Cloud”. You can use the best printing parameters in the Cloud.

Improvements and Fixed bugs

1. Improved when copying models
2. Added animated icons when increasing or reducing temperature of nozzles and built plate.
3. Optimized the scroll bars for the pull-down frame.
4. Support ultra-wide screen.
5. Fixed bug when determine if a model is out of print area. The nozzle height adds the height of the raft and the compensation offset.
6. Optimized the print path algorithm: Only when using Perf Board printing with raft, the printing path engine will avoid certain areas on the build plate. (For UP BOX, and UP BOX+ only.)
7. Added better error messages indicating which axis is at fault when “Motion Systems Error” occurs.
8. The nozzle’s offset value will clear once printer’s nozzle height change.
UPStudio v1.7.3 Release:
1、Change the relationship between nozzle and layer thick:
0.2mm nozzle~~~ 0.15mm or lower layer
0.4mm nozzle~~~~0.1~0.35mm layer
0.6mm nozzle~~~~0.3~0.4mm layer
2、Optimized the print quality while choosed 0.2mm nozzle
3、Fixed serials of bugs of UI

UPStudio v1.7.2 Release:
1、 Fixed page bug while using Russian
2、 Fixed a bug that UPStudio crash while delete and add a model at the same time.
3、 Only UP BOX and UP BOX+ can change nozzle, and the relationship of nozzle diameter and layer thick is:
0.2mm nozzle~~~ 0.15mm or lower layer。
0.4mm nozzle~~~~0.15~0.35mm layer。
0.6mm nozzle~~~~0.3~0.4mm layer。
4、 Fixed the bug while using 0.2mm nozzle, nozzle extrude too much material.

UPStudio v1.7.1.0 beta
New Function:
1. Can change printer nozzle in maintanece page.
2. Can choose internet connection way between https and socket

1. Copy models: UPStudio will initial view after copying, and selected the last model instead of selecting all of copied models like old version.
2. Door detected: It will stop data tranfer if the printer has been unconnected instead of displaying a error message

1. fixed the bug of cann't picked the model operating shaft
2. fixed the bug of win7 x64 crashed
3. fixed the bug of user interface error when model data transfering

UPStudio v1.7.0.6 beta
1、Speed up moshop
2、Optimized the user login system, make it be more quick and stable;
3、Give a hint while cloud printer parameters have been used.
4、More detailed error hints for slicing;
5、Add the history material weight of printer
6、Add two new languages, Thai and Russian;
7、Fixed the bug for privacy policy setting conflicted
8、Optimized the style of three buttons as "print","reprint",and "print preview"

UPStudio v1.6.12
1 Fixed the bug of “While using the edit box to zoom model ,mouse always jump to the first edit box "
2 Fixed the bug of “It can’t pick the model while open the model through drag way'
3 Fixed the bug of “Image UI turn to white screen while clicked the button “Turn back” "
4 Fixed manual calibration page error of entering horizon calibration page after the manual calibration starting
5 Fixed the bug of the history records have not been saved when PC was out of network.
6 Fixed the bug of “Cann't upload models”

UP studio v1.6.09
New Fuctions:
1. Add "Vertical Calibration" function.
2. Add "Pushing Notification". The urgent messages of TierTime will be passed on to you in time .
3. Add "Manual activation", you can activate printer with a active-code-file while internet is not good enough.
4. Change the icons of main page.
5. Provided there edit boxes under the software, and allow you to scale model to a accurate size.
6. The color of each model can be set separately throght property page("right click menu -- property".
7 .mac(will release later):
1.Can change the size of the window freely

1. Canceled several pop-up dialog like "Initial printer","calibration success",etc
2. Will not changed the rotate center before rotate operation finished while rotate a model
3. If UPStudio is using the cloud parameters print, it will show a "cloud sign” at the bottom of the interface.
4. The price of published model is always 1point.

UP studio v1.5.1.1
Additional function and optimization :
1. Conneting the printer by USB, mac address can be found in the property page.
2. …
3. The problems that support for bottom surface is hard to be remove or bottom surface is rough is optimized.
4. Adding display for Infill (e.g. 99%, 80%, …)
5. The step size for Automatic Nozzle Height Detection is changed from 0.02 to 0.04, so the detection time for this version is about 1 minute less than beta version.

Bug fixes :
1. Fix White screen problem with beta version under AMD HD 5000 or lower video cards.
2. Fix the problem that compsenation values cannot be acquired or values are displayed as zero by wifi connection.
3. Fix the limitation error for adding new customized material.
4. Fix picking up space unreleased problem after printing setting interface is closed.
5. Fix the problem about slot position information not updated from USB to wifi connection.

UP studio v1.5.03
New functions:
1. Add basic models: "Add --infill"

2. add two infill modes: 99% and 1%
3. add "paused at specified layers": Go "print page--advanced print"
4. add "nozzle height" and "height offset" on printer page.
5. add "clear storage" on setting page
6. add manual signed mac app function(Get LDK from website and load in UPStudio)

1. UPStudio(mac) will paused after printing the first layer.
UP studio
1. Added "moshop" ,Tiertime will offer 500M of free cloud storage and 100 points of downloaded models to the registered users.
2、Fixed bug of crash on PC with cpu what doesn't AVX2 instruction sets--E7500,E8500,Q8300,CELERON
3、 Support mac osx 10.12
4. Fixed bug of installing driver failed on win7.
5.Fixed bug of v1.3.2.4 that printer can't be actived
6.Fixed bug that the "turbo" item disappeared while the BOX and BOX+ connected
7 Allow input any character for AP password
8.Optimised software interface.
9. Added prompt dialog box after printing job finished for BOX+ and MINI2

1.Optimised software interface. Much more smooth operation in general
2.Add palette for modifying model color.
3.Added "moshop" ,Tiertime will offer 500M of free cloud storage and 100 points of downloaded models to the registered users.

UP studio
1 added Korean language

2 added image editing tools for 2D to 3D conversion

3 Optimized display of orientation info of model

4 added individual model info and merge function in right click menu

5 Added animation when switching to different preset perspective

6 fix self destructive bug that auto reprint after finishing a print

7 fixed infill and support angle not response to user setting bug.

UP Studio V 1.2.0(windows)
1. Fixed auto update hanging bug.
2. Added manual leveling step by step guide.
3. Now able to run the program in window (finally

4. Added platform heating option, now user can manually heat up the platform.
5. Added option to allow printer to "sleep" after print finished.
6. Added Japanese language.
7. Now compatible with the latest win10 upgrade.

UP Studio V1.1.2.0 update

1. A new skin and ability to change model color
2. Inlcuded new language support: German, Italian, Traditional Chinese
3. Optimzied the wheel menu, easier to input values.
4. Improved 3D display algo, more smooth operation.
5. Opimized Wi-Fi setting interface.
6. Able to edit machine name on the status bar.
7. Optimized print parameters.

UP Studio V 1.0
1.Optimized account related interfaces.
2.Store up to 10 print jobs in the machine for reprint
3.Improved calibration interface
4.Added customized material so user can define nozzle and platform temperatures and able to store up to 4 profiles.
5.Added Preheat function in Preference interface
6.Extrude and Withdraw buttons now have animations to indicate machine status.
7.Download models from the cloud in the Library section.
8.Improved model info display
9.Add WIFI private password setting
10.Much more smooth operation in general, significantly improved performance for complex models.
11. Support Black Out Recovery function in new machines, eg UP mini 2

1.Improve registration process
2.Added a pixel base modeling tool
3.Able to use cutomized material profiles.

UP Studio V1.0.0.4 Beta Update
1. Adjusted slicing algorithm to fix print quality problems.
2. Bug fixed - cannot use special characters to sign in inside software.
3. Changed printer default name to its serial number.

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by wackojacko » Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:32 pm

Well done guys, this update is huge - big congratulations to you & the team!! 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

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Re: UPStudio Change Log

Post by 3DWP » Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:26 pm

I'm getting a ''Model out of bounds of print area'' error while the model is not big at all and centered. Edit: nevermind, for some reason my nozzle/table height was erased..

Bruce, do you know how to use gcode on the Up Box?

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