Up! Mini Z axis + SD Card Issues

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Up! Mini Z axis + SD Card Issues

Post by igoforthebest » Sun May 15, 2016 12:33 pm

I'm having few issues with the printer lately...

1. Quite often I'm getting SD Card errors.
- When trying to print certain STL files I get the 'Jurassic Park' Theme type sound followed by a message saying Error 021
- Sometimes mid print the printer will stop and i'll receive SD card error

I've taken the SD card out and cleaned the connectors, both on the SD card and in the insert. But I get these errors in at least 3/5 print jobs.
Would any other SD card work in the printer? I checked the SD card on windows 10 machine and it was FAT formatted with nothing in it.

2. Sometimes when I turn off the printer, the bed just falls. This usually happens when the print stops due to the SD card error and I switch the printer off from the back. Z axis cannot hold it in place.

Please Help!

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Re: Up! Mini Z axis + SD Card Issues

Post by GrantWatson » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:16 am

I had similar issues to you with my Mini, and I can confirm that other SD cards will work in it. In my case. it seemed that the SD card died which was causing all the problems. I put in a spare 2GB card I had lying around and it all worked correctly.

The Z axis dropping that you mention seems to be a standard feature of the Mini, mine does it too when I hard power it off.

Hope that helps!

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