Newbe seeking some advice

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Newbe seeking some advice

Post by 777flyer » Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:28 pm

Have just got my UP Mini and am so far very impressed, managed a fairly complex print (ABS) within 30 mins of unpacking however things are now starting to go a bit wrong, possibly because I am new to this technology. ABS prints very well but larger prints just will not stay flat and I have trawled the forums, has anyone any tricks ? PLA has been a complete nightmare everything from thinking I was using a cheap product to a fault with the head, I have now increased the airflow to the head with an additional fan and keep checking the spool but still keep getting the dreaded clunking sound. More often than not after it has been printing for sometime, If any one has any thoughts I would be very grateful as I am impressed with the printer and just hope I am doing something stupidly wrong.. Thanks

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Re: Newbe seeking some advice

Post by roller » Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:13 am

Regular PLA will not print without jamming - you need to mod with cooling or use better (special) PLA with a higher softening point (not necessarily related to the melt point quoted for a filament). Once you have had PLA jam it will often fill up the extruder gear with slippery debris and you need to clean it out before it will work reliably again.

The problem with prints staying flat is due to the poor heat bed design on the Mini. It's simply too cool. A few have made an inexpensive upgrade to the bed heater. Alternately you can seal the top of the case and pre heat the Mini chamber using an hairdryer or fan heater. Then let the bed get hot for a while before you start the print. This should significantly reduce the warping.

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