Static shock from Mini + Connectivity issue

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Static shock from Mini + Connectivity issue

Post by bjd9282 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:42 pm


We had been printing steadily and successfully up until today with the our Up Mini.

Today I was getting the machine ready to print when something weird happened.
I simply touched the metal on the back of the machine near the power switch, and I felt a small shock on my finger. Static I guess.
Then I heard the platform drop to the bottom (which wasn't far at the time) and saw that the light on the front had gone red.
I then noticed that the UP software said that the "Printer is disconnected".
I restarted the software and it still said the same. I tried to Initialize and it said it couldn't communicate.
Then I held down the button on the front of the machine and it went through the Initialize, and the light turned blue.
But, the software still says disconnected, and won't communicate in any way with the machine! Unplugging the USB and plugging it back in gets no response from my computer.

I tried a few things like swapping out the usb cord, restarting my computer, restarting the UP, but nothing has helped.
I even got shocked again by the machine again when I went to turn it off another time. The platform fell and the light went red.

What could cause this? What has happened inside the machine? How could we fix this?

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Re: Static shock from Mini + Connectivity issue

Post by marto » Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:05 pm

This sounds like a few things.

I am not sure if this is what has happened here. If it was static on from you. The case should most definitely be grounded and should be diverted harmlessly away but once again its hard to tell.

Could potentially be a bad power supply. Usually means it is not properly grounded and this can cause issues and particularly with PCs this is an issue as the the voltage difference with the ground of the PC and the other device can be quite high which can fry the electronics. This can also lead to mild shocking experiences for you. Anyone remember touching an original xbox's AV cables and getting shocked on the ground, due to this. I have also had it from some elcheapo chargers and a few other devices.

In any case it sounds like the electronics has been damaged in particular the USB port.

I would recommend contacting your supplier for warranty. As it is most likely a fault with your machine which as led to this. As further debugging steps I would recommend you try another PC along with checking if the USB device is detected when its plugged in. If your in windows this would be done through the device manager.


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