models not printing complete

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models not printing complete

Post by raybite » Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:11 pm

Attached are a few photos of a problem I have been having. The printer has been making amazing prints for the most part though. These files are either archicad, or OBJ files that we have converted into .stl's then fixed using the netfabb cloud service, netfabb program, or Deskartes 3data Expert to fix and clean up the files. When exported into the UP program, the files show no errors after fixing with the mentioned programs, however when they are actually printed often the walls do not print at all. Basically the models consist of support material holding the roof up. Some features such as the stairs etc might be present, but for the most part much of the model is not printed.
We have tried numerous things to solve this, using the UP's own "fix" command to the raw stl, and using the UP's " fix command on the files that are produced from using netfabb etc. Also we have tried using the unsolid model option with no success. I really have no idea why its doing this. Some models of the same type print fine after being fixed, some do not. The partially finished print is the same as the house, just stopped after I realized it was still not printing correctly.
I'd appreciate any suggestions about how to make these models printable!
Thanks in advance,
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Re: models not printing complete

Post by Lawrence » Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:49 pm

Are the walls less than 1mm thick? That may be your problem.

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Re: models not printing complete

Post by roller » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:47 am

I use autodesk 3dprint tools (I think you have to load them after you install their Make app) to thicken areas which are too thin. I do notice some strange artifacting on your roof too which may mean there are issues with the model faces - I do get a lot of issues with my architectural models especially ones that come from ArchiCAD and Revit because in BIM the components are not seen as part of the whole solid. Running the STL through helps with this most of the time but sometimes it also makes a serious mess of the model.

Often I find breaking the models down by storey or separately printing exterior walls and roofs and gluing it all back together is the only simply way to get a good print.

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