Problems with Platform heating up?

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Problems with Platform heating up?

Post by zeke » Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:07 pm

Hey guys I have an Up Plus 2. I brought it new less than 2 weeks ago. Its been great so for but I am having problems with the platform heating. I first noticed this during a print the other day when One of the models was warped. I went to remove the base plate from the platform and realise the platform was cold. Since then I have been able to pre heat the platform and do more prints. I usually go into the matence menu and do an hour pre heat or a 15 minute preheat. But since last night I have not been able to get t he platform to heat up. I have restarted the printer a few times. (shut down and power off the the wall) I have rested the computer a couple of times as well to try to fix the issue. when I click on the heat platform it slowly heats the paltform I think but it never gets above 20degrees. i dont know. Im using a PC with software UP! Version 2.13. are there any firmware updates I could do? how to I see the current firmware version on my printer? Any suggestions???? The last couople of days this has happened and I would just restart the printer and computer and it would heat up again.. This time its not. Thanks in advance. Zeke

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Re: Problems with Platform heating up?

Post by roller » Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:28 pm

Probably a faulty heater cable. If not seated properly when built the can get torn up pretty fast and initially only fail intermittently. Approach your supplier for a repair while it's still under warranty.

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