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!$%!@! 3D printing

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 3:06 am
by rjmorel
Have any of you been able to consistently print good, large parts with your Afinia??
I'm really put out with my printing results, I've leveled the platform, checked and rechecked the nozzle height on my Afinia. The software and machine seem to work like they are supposed to. But the warping and pulling off the platform are killing all my projects by making warped parts. Here's some pics. What to do ? Filament is from Octave.
5 1/2 hours down the tube again. This is getting so frustrating , the warping starts 1/2-1 hour after print starts and I thought we were home free dag nabbers.
sorry to rant, I want my mommy
Thanks rj