First successful print with glass

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First successful print with glass

Post by ming » Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:00 am

My first print with ABS on glass with Elmers stick glue.
Everything worked out well except the start layer

I printed raftless and using the normal nozzle setup height
the part came out great and it popped off by itself about 15 minutes after machine turned off (10 minutes in ambient)
BUT the raftless - 1st layer got very wide and my radiused edge at the bottom was not prominent.

Should printing rafless on glass - raise the nozzle away from the glass by 1/2 the print height resolution ??? I was printing with 0.4 at fast speed
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Re: First successful print with glass

Post by techbuilder » Tue Mar 25, 2014 7:31 am

Hi Ming tai,

Depending on your layer height selected you will have to adjust the distance of the nozzle from the bed.
Typically it is best to never go below .2 on an up plus or up mini as any inconsistency in your leveling will cause issues, I'm only referring
to leveling since you have the glass mod other wise I would of also stated because the bed isn't very flat as well.

If you print at .4 without a raft I would adjust my nozzle at .3
you want the first layer to squish a little bit so you get better adhesion, typically
you should ball park it and increase the height if your surface is to rough or lower the height
if it doesn't stick well.

Flat isn't a bad thing however

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