Using 2 step computers for printing and computation

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Using 2 step computers for printing and computation

Post by ming » Mon Mar 17, 2014 2:43 am

I use my laptop for all my designs and day to day work
I use an older netbook to 3dprint and plot(paper plotter)

I would like to process my stl and then 3dprint.
And like to use minimum steps on the netbook (windows XP and has not much computing capabilities)

Which computer should I use to do which steps.
What will the netbook have to do to 3dprint my part.
The completed process and files are in a shared drive on my own network

STEPS ?? needs to be completed from AFINIA software
1. OPEN STL file [OPEN ___]
2. Position part on platform [PLACE]
3. SETUP print settings [3dprint – SETUP]
4. Process the model for printing ????? and save the file in shared drive

a. Run afinia print software
b. Upload process file (from share drive) and start print

Can the above steps be performed to achieve a simple 3dprint

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Re: Using 2 step computers for printing and computation

Post by FallGuy » Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:23 pm


I have pretty much the same setup you describe. I have an older UP! printer that i connected to an older laptop, also running Win XP that I now just use for printing. Since the printer and UP software have always worked so well together I have seen no reason to change anything. I know I am running an older version of the UP software, but could not tell you what version it actually is without looking.

I do all of my design work on a new laptop using Solidworks to design my models and save them in an STL file format for printing. Every now and then I may use Meshlab to reduce the number of faces in the model, but that is pretty rare. After saving to the STL format I simply move the STL file on a USB key to my printing machine and let the UP software take over from there. It only takes a couple of minutes to autoplace the model in the software and to let the platform warm-up, but it is doing everything else automatically for me.

I have never tried to run in a networked environment, but i don't think anyone has been able to automate the process more than this. You still would have to open the UP software, load the part, then select print to get it to start.

Maybe a couple of extra steps have been added in the newer software, but the UP software has always been much simpler to use than other printer packages I have watched friends try to use.


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