Knocking from UP Printer

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Re: Knocking from UP Printer

Post by Pinkie » Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:56 am

Thanks doraemon. I tried heating it up and picking it out, but it didn't work. Will be trying again.
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Re: Knocking from UP Printer

Post by termsl » Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:44 am

I decided the problem first so-warmed nozzle and took it off.
After the gas burner heat it and cleaned it inside the remnants of plastic warming burner at times. Then thin wire cleared the hole and set the nozzle back.
But the problem came back after 15 minutes, and I just started printing and hands with a force pushing filament into the extruder for a while until it does not work correctly.
The printer works fine for already seven hours.

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Re: Knocking from UP Printer

Post by stormychel » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:26 pm


have the printer for 9 days now and went trough about 1kg of filament in various colors. Always stayed by the printer to make sure nothing jammed, but it never did so I got confident enough in it to leave it alone this morning with a 6-hour job... When checking on it after 3 hours, there was this 'knocking' sound, and I was nog quite sure what it was at that time. After a while the knocking stopped, but the printer kept 'printing'... To my dismay I saw the head was about 5mm above my unfinished workpiece, pretending to work very hard... After cursing loudly, I paused the print ant tried a withdraw/extrude, but the extrude brought up the knocking again. Now that my print was ruined (workpiece cooled off so bye bye layer bonding), I took off the extruder head and put it in acetone, then tried an extrude again without it, same knocking!!! Took me 2:15 hours of my time to get the feed tube unclogged, carefully trying to push the stuck piece trough with a piece of 1.75 copper wire. Managed to get it through from bottom to top of the head, other way around was hopeless. Printing some smaller pieces now with another color as a matter of test. I hope this won't happen too much as I have a lot of big print jobs to perform...


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