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Bend-Lay First Experience

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:56 pm
by JuliaDee
Just printed my first part with Bend-Lay that I purchased from Orbi-tech ... rmany.html

Executive Summary: I really like it!

First off, unlike's "Rubber-Like #1", prints made with it are not soft and rubbery at all (although it is soft and rubbery when it comes off the spool). It's got slightly more "give" than ABS, but with a wall thickness of 1.8mm in my test part it's quite rigid. Orbi-tech's video show objects being squished and so forth so I guess there's a point in thickness where it does become quite flexible. They state that it has a hardness of 65 Shore D, but it feels a lot harder than that to me. Obviously you can't really measure that with a printed part since it will depend on fill density, inter-layer adhesion, etc.

I printed the first layers at normal ABS temp, then dropped it with the 11-ohm Octave switch. Fan duct closed. 0.25mm layer height because the part doesn't need detail or smooth curves and I'm impatient :)

The filament fed perfectly on a stock Afinia, no issues. Adhesion to perfboard is excellent. Support came off really easily, more so, in fact than ABS typically. Clarity is similar to transparent ABS's I've tried.

The part feels very strong. It'd be interesting to compare it quantitatively with nylon, but I'm betting it's close. The print, however, is much cleaner than anything I've done with nylon, and cleaner than a lot of ABS prints as well. No stringing or popping of any kind. Dimensional accuracy appears to be excellent. Orbi-tech claims that moisture absorption is 30% of that of ABS.


Re: Bend-Lay First Experience

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:36 am
by JuliaDee
One thing to be aware of: Orbi-Tech states that Bend-Lay is soluble in brake cleaner(!) but that it "crumbles" in acetone. My shop is starting to look like a chemical supply house...

Re: Bend-Lay First Experience

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:06 am
by doraemon
But what's in brake cleaner? I imagine there are several different formulations out there. Probably some sort of petroleum distillate; I'll have to remember to ask a chemist friend when I have a chance.