Printing on 1/32 thick Garolite

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Printing on 1/32 thick Garolite

Post by rsilvers » Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:22 am

I have been printing PLA on tape, and ABS or Nylon on 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton RipStop fabric spray-mounted with 3M HiStrength-90 glue to thick glass.

The fabric has been working well on certain parts, if I use a brim to reduce curling - I don't have heat yet.

But I wanted to try Garolite LE. Taulman recommended 1/4 thick - so that it would not flex. I decided to try the 1/32 thick because I thought "Hey, I can buy the cheaper thickness and 3M spray glue it to an aluminum plate - and replace the surface as needed."

It came, and I was able to easily cut it with trauma shears: ... uma+shears

Line Product Ordered Shipped Balance Price Total
1 8474K101 Machinable Garolite (LE), 1/32" Thick, 12" X 12"

$5.98 Each
Quantity 2

Merchandise 11.96
Shipping 5.21
Total $17.17

At first I clipped it on, as it seemed to lay flat. Only problem was, the part pulled it up, as you can see from the photos:


So now I should do what I originally intended and glue it to the aluminum, right? I am thinking not. If I do that, the part will just curl off the Garolite. I now think that I would rather have it stay attached and pull the entire Garolite up a little bit. I can use more clips as needed - but the flex of the Garolite will help keep the part itself from peeling off. Time will tell.

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Re: Printing on 1/32 thick Garolite

Post by albatrill » Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:03 pm

Hi rsilvers! Good to see so many qu-bd people over here.

How did this work out for you? And more importantly, I am wondering what settings you are using for the Taulman on your Up??? I tried the 618 with the PLA settings and it came out ok, but the layer adhesion was not the best, so I'm thinking I'll just try it with ABS. Did you use ABS or modify it some other way?

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