Latest Stable Release

Advanced Windows Beta

UP Studio Version

Release Date: 22/01/2018

What’s New?
1. Added Supports Editor

a. You can edit support and overhang structures in UP Studio.
b. Also provides three different display options to view the structure while editing.
c.Added layer number display on Play Preview control bar.

2. Added layer preview in Preview (inside Print Settings).

a. Layer preview: includes supports, layers, and infill structures. Can also play an animation of the print job.
b. Preview also available to view as lines with the linear view.
c. Added support color variation to more easily differentiate between supports.

3. Print bed turns transparent if viewing in Down angle.
4. The default color of the model has been changed to gray.
5. Removed sign up/sign in restrictions for customizing material temperature.
6. Improved general build envelope display.
7. Upgrade folder will be automatically deleted after the upgrade installation is complete.

Fixed and Optimised:
Replacing the model in UP Studio after a print job has started will not stop the running print job.

A special thanks go to Micheal Hummel for providing German translation.

UP Studio BETA Version

Release Date: 08/01/2018

What’s New?
1. Supports Editor
   a. Added “On” and “Off” labels to the Enable switches.
   b. Added ability to sort support structures by enable and disable status.
   c. The Confirm and Cancel buttons have been moved from the bottom of the Supports Editor pop-up window to a bar at the bottom of the screen.

2. Added layer number display on Play Preview control bar.  
3. Removed sign up/sign in restrictions for customizing material temperature.
4. Improved general build envelope display.
5. Added the ablility to select support by clicking on the model while editing overhangs.
6. Added support color variation to more easily differentiate between supports.

Fixed and Optimised:
 Fixed bugs related to previewing supports and the filament sensor on the BOX+.

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