Customer Stories

Tiertime Assists Flex in Launching the Smart Drone Manufacturing Era

Flex, a smart drone entrepreneur team emerged in recent years, is the first innovative brand to introduce the 3D printing technology into the drone manufacturing process and thus make smart drones to be highly customizable. The Flex drones can realize mobile remote control, real-time transfer of aerial images and various customized demands with 3D printing […]

17 Middle and Primary Schools Select UP Plus 2

The East District Education Commission of Beijing City leads China and Beijing in creative education quality improvement for middle and primary school students. Beginning in the second half of 2014, the Commission responded to new Government policies on education reform by actively promoting 3D printing demonstration projects in middle and primary schools. 3D printing is [...]

Zihua Makes the First Stop-Motion Animation Short Film based on 3D Printing

The Zihua is a professional, interactive and heuristic online learning and information platform, which is dedicated to providing creative persons in film and television, photography, art, design and music field with high-quality, novel, unique and easy-to-practice courses, online information on distinctive views, and an active interactive community. To encourage people to independently study and realize […]

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Introduces 3D Printing

The Industry and System Engineering Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has a long history in Hong Kong, which provides distinctive inter-discipline and comprehensive discipline knowledge, focuses on basic knowledge and practices of the engineering, provides students and faculty teams with the most excellent facilities in the whole Asia-Pacific area, and is dedicated to […]

COSIO Use UP Plus 2 to Prototype Decorative Lighting

Guangdong COSIO Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “COSIO”) adopts UP Plus 2 in designing and printing decorative lighting prototypes in order to better satisfy the overseas partners in terms of design innovation and presentation prototypes. By printing decorative lighting prototype with UP Plus 2 desktop 3D printer, COSIO reduces the manufacturing time and […]

3D Printed Mammoth by Taiwan National Science and Technology Museum

National Science and Technology Museum (hereinafter referred to as NSTM) invited Go Hot Technologies Co., Ltd., the exclusive agent of Tiertime in Taiwan, as the only 3D printing partner in the important “Journey of Printing Collections” themed exhibition in 2014 to truly reproduce the 3D model of prehistoric mammoth of the Ice Age by using […]

3D Printing After-School Activity at Shijia Primary School

A 3D printing after-school activity organized by technology and science museum of Shijia Primary School was launched yesterday at the school officially. 150 curious students of the fourth-sixth grade and some parents participated the activity. Teachers from Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tiertime) introduced 3D printing technology and displayed application of […]