Customer Stories

Tiertime Helps Create Gulliver’s Gate

An exciting event is taking place in Times Square, New York City. Gulliver’s Gate is a small-scale exhibit of locations from around the world, including Latin America, the Middle East, New York City and Asia. The joint venture of an international team from across the globe, the display allows visitors to view lands and lost […]

Sichuan University Introduces 3D Printing Class

Sichuan University is one of the key national universities directly under the Ministry of Education in China. It is also one of the "985" and "211" engineering colleges. It is where masters with strong scientific research backgrounds gather together to innovate and create. With the support of the World Bank loan project, Sichuan University Engineering [...]

A Distinguished Designer from Tsinghua Maker Space

With the growing popularization of desktop 3D printers, personalized and customized items are now being created by the masses. At the end of 2016, Tiertime released the UP mini 2, priced for both consumers and budget-minded professionals. Introduced at CES 2016, the mini 2 is expected to impact offices, classrooms, and the home user market. Currently, [...]

Foshan Lishang Chooses Tiertime

Founded in Nov. 2013, Foshan Lishang 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. becomes one of the first enterprises, which have successfully applied the 3D printing technology in Foshan, Guangdong. Lishang is dedicated to sale and repairs of 3D printers and provides services of development, design and product printing and shaping to different industries by using the […]

Tiertime Contributes to Maker Challenge Match of Tsinghua

Since 2014, Tsinghua University has held its annual Tsinghua Makers Day, featuring the Maker's Channel Match, on the final Saturday of November. The match is a contest between inter-discipline teams to create a product or prototype within 48 hours. The event is hosted by the Teaching Division of Tsinghua University and sponsored by the Tsinghua Maker Space, [...]

Courtyard Institute Cooperates with Tiertime to Build 3D Printing Workshop

The Courtyard Institute has provided a humanized education space near the Forbidden City in Beijing. Its purpose is to promote traditional Chinese culture while simultaneously recognizing technological advancement and international perspective. The program includes educational courses where enthusiasts can explore China’s past, present and future lifestyle, and compare it with other cultures. 3D printing is [...]

Tiertime Works With LKK to Lead New 3D-Printed Fashion

As a leading industrial design brand and the unique local Chinese enterprise that wins four top design awards, LKK has helped many Fortune Global 500 firms from various industries complete the integrated innovation designs. Tiertime UP BOX, the first domestic desktop 3D printer designed by the industrial design institution LKK, gives consideration to both fashionable […]