Help with seams (Up Studio 3 BETA)

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Help with seams (Up Studio 3 BETA)

Post by yeahtuna » Thu Oct 29, 2020 12:20 am

I really appreciate the improvements that have come with UP Studio 3. It's finally given me much improved control over seams. I'm trying to replicate the quality I get using Symplify 3D. The roughness of the seams from UP Studio bothers me. If you look at the seams on the part that was printed on my Up Box+ from Simplify 3D GCode, they are uniform, smooth and appear buried--in fact it was very hard to get an image showing them at all. In contrast, the seams from the UP Studio part protrude outward, are rough, and poorly aligned. Are there any settings I can adjust to improve the appearance of the seams?
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