Nozzle Heater

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Nozzle Heater

Post by lichtfaenger » Sun Apr 28, 2019 4:30 pm

I bought a PLA Extruder. Using PETG i got a lot of mess, so i bought a new Nozzle heater V5. But it doesn´t fit into the PLA head.
Ok - i found out that is because there is the Teflon tube inside.

1. It is not written anywhere, that for the PLA head i need a different heater.

3. Nobody can tell me where i can get a new heater for the PLA head and what kind it has to be?

So what is to do? I need a new heater for the PLA head. I had to do some jobs -

Another question - before i think about to buy a TPU Extruder - is that the same problem? Or do I need also a different heater for this TPU extruder?
Paul Schulte

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Re: Nozzle Heater

Post by Tiertime_Ocean » Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:30 am

Dear Customer,

Sorry for any misunderstanding due to any words on our global shop, but we had made emphasized on both Accessory title and Description as well as you click the link as attached screenshots showing.
Following link for PLA and TPU nozzle heater, please check: ... -uk-stock/ ... -uk-stock/
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