UP Studio for iPhone 2.0 Released

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UP Studio for iPhone 2.0 Released

Post by Tiertime_Betty » Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:40 am

1. App全面升级
UP Studio for iPhone 2.0 is major upgrade.

2. 全新的界面设计
2. New Interface Designed from Scratch.
3. 实现一键连接打印机,随时查看打印机当前状态。
One-click connect to a 3D Printer. You can check your printer's status more easily.

4. 全面升级的菜单功能, 您在加载和编辑模型的过程更加流畅。
Major upgrade for the menu system. You can load and edit an STL more fluently.

4. 新增DIY功能,将您的2D设计轻松转化为3D实物模型:让您的图照一键转换在灯罩或者相框上!
Added new DIY feature to convert 2D images to 3D models, and embed them on a lamp or a picture frame.

5. 模型库与您的账户关联,并且提供云储存服务。
Model Library now stores your models in the Cloud. When you log in, model Library will display your local models first then follow by public ones.

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