Up Plus 2 stops mid print

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Up Plus 2 stops mid print

Post by southoz » Sun Dec 28, 2014 7:27 pm

Good ay all , I'v had my Up Plus 2 for six months now , most of the time there are no problems what so ever , but the last two weeks have been a nightmare , first all the models on the board were shifting an at times models being knocked off the bed the print failed , ok problem solved , needed to replace the beltblock x-v11 part ... since the printer couldnt print one the local dealers printed it out for me... great blokes ,re-calibrated the printer , needed to do a manual calibration , with the advice of the local dealers once again . was all good , now how ever the printing is stopping mid print after about 4 hours or so (intermittent ) with error 012 nozzle too cool ... six failed prints in a week , then i took of the cover on the extruder started a print an saw bright orange sparks coming from the connections to the extruder and sure enough error 012 and the printer just stalled in place .. nothing in the software worked at all was all greyed out. i had a closer look an the covering on the wiring to the extruder are burnt and some exposed wire can been seen .. is there anything I can so to repair this , the machine is still under warranty but being the holidays it will take weeks to a month to get the printer back if i send it in.
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Re: Up Plus 2 stops mid print

Post by DrewPetitclerc » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:43 am

Pictures will help us to help you.

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Re: Up Plus 2 stops mid print

Post by mb20music » Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:20 am

Sounds to me you just need a new nozzle heater assembly...

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Re: Up Plus 2 stops mid print

Post by mr6k » Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:44 am

check nozzle heater cable has not fractured and become intermittent, also temp sense cable from same area.



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