Danged ball slides sticking.

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Danged ball slides sticking.

Post by Robin » Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:16 pm

At first it was noisy. I spayed in "3 in ONE Professional White Lithium Grease"
Seemed to fix it

Next it was a lump on the side of the print, like the Z axis had gone over a speed bump.
The grease had set in to hard waxy lumps.

Took all 3 slides out, cleaned them, lost some balls, bought some new balls (2mm).
Light oil lube, seemed to fix it.

Next it was a sideways step in the print, like the bed moving axis (Y?) was losing steps.
Took the slide out and it had a lumpy feel. I replaced all it's balls, added a light lithium grease,
brown colour, bought a little tin of it on e-bay. Seemed to fix it.

Then I got really hacked off with putting it back together, trying to remember which bits got 5mm screws,
which got 8mm and which got nothing, which screws got plain washers which got spring washers, none
or both etc.

Ordered spanners, all sizes of M3 stainless cap heads, plain & spring washers, M3 Nylocs etc.

I can now legitimately do nothing until next week when the bits arrive. Bliss :mrgreen:

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