Miracle cure works again

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Miracle cure works again

Post by Robin » Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:51 am

A new set of weird problems, the filament withdraws after each print, then it will not print at all and the nozzle heater shows unusually hot. Reinitialising and reloading the ROM doesn't help, totally SNAFU.

But I remember what fixed it last time it went weird, so instead of reaching for my hex keys, fretting about the cost of replacement CPU cards and emailing the world to say what a piece of dung the UP Plus! is, I simply unplug the PSU and go to bed.

This morning I have a pleasant breakfast, wander up to my den, plug the UP back in and it starts printing like there was never any problem at all.

If your UP goes weird in any way shape or form, try it. It costs you nothing. A short disconnection doesn't work, 30 minutes might work but I suggest overnight because that has now worked for me twice.

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