Auto nozzle height detection in software versions above 2.11

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Auto nozzle height detection in software versions above 2.11

Post by gib3d » Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:54 pm

I bought my My Up Plus 2 several years ago, and for most of that time stuck with the original PC software to run my prints. Ive recently been looking at the newer versions of the software as it looks like they may offer better options for working with multiple printers. Does the auto nozzle height detect option work correctly in the current software build, as I have been unable to get that feature to work.

I have noticed that the auto nozzle height detect algorithm appears to behave differently depending on which version of the UP PC software I have installed. At version 2.0 the platform gradually decelerates as it gets closer to the print head resulting in consistent results from the height detection process, by the time we get to version 2.08 the deceleration is unreliable and may not have started by the time the microswitch and printhead meet, resulting in unreliable height detection, resulting in a slight overestimation of the maximum height available to the platform, I found I could offset that by inserting a spacer between the print platform and height detection module. From about version 2.11 the algorithm seems to have changed again, the printhead and platform just crash into each every time, and more often than not doing it as a side swipe as the printhead moves from the left most position to centre itself at the microswitch just at the point of the print head meeting the board. I have therefore found with versions 2.17 and 2.18 of the software that I have to resort to manual nozzle height detection.

Any ideas


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