Couple of questions about Mini's capabilities

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Couple of questions about Mini's capabilities

Post by Yonih » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:24 pm

Hey there

I've been lookin into buying a Up! Mini once I learn how to sculpt my 3D models (still unsure which software to use.. AutoCad, Zbrush, Sketchup..?)..

The purpose of it is to create props and replicas of mostly video games and movies items such as Borderlands 2's guns and masks and Iron Man masks.. After creating a first print, make a cast of it and then make many copies and hopefully sell them..

Of course most of these items are too big to be printed at on go so ill just have to glue them in pieces.

I have wondered though about some of the capabilities of the Mini. It looks like its possible but I just want to be sure.

Starting with masks.. As some masks are just 1 part front (for those who know, think of Handsome Jack of Borderlands) and some are full head enclosed (such as Iron Man). I've seen images of printed masks but I'm still unsure if the Mini can actually create such masks (even in pieces for large items).. As a mask, parts of it are higher than others (such as where the nose is) and I am unsure if a printer can print that part as there is no actual support beneath it. Can the Mini actually print that?

Moving to other props such as guns. These are pretty long items so many printing and gluing will take part. If I choose to print the gun on it's side, will the bottom layer that is laying on the heating platform be different (texture wise) than the top part?

Another question about items like guns.. Since many parts of guns are square boxes with usually 90 degrees angels, can the Mini print a box or will I have to print a box without it's top and then print the top and glue it on? (This comes as a hallow and not honeycomb print in order to save on expenses).

Thanks for anyone who can help me here

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