Cetus MK3 Heated Bed

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Cetus MK3 Heated Bed

Post by simon@sipixx.com » Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:45 am

I have a Cetus Mk3 and have just installed the Tiertime heated bed for the Cetus. Leveled the bed and choose "no raft" option but for some reason, the first three layers are very thick. I am using a mirror cut to the perfect size for the bed and also using magigoo on the mirror. I also would like to know if I am able to control the bed temperature. I have no idea what the temp is because hen it gets close to the temp it reads 98% or 100%. Does not feel like 60 degrees which is the manufacturer's spec for the PLA I am using. There are no instructions or data sheets to reference for the Cetus or the heated bed. Can anyone help me with some answers...


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