MK3 problems

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MK3 problems

Post by Arie55 » Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:05 pm

I can not understand that reviewers on youtube so enthousiastic about this printer. I wished that i never bought this peace of ... (mk3) I bought this thing as a tool, NOT for hobby use! What suppose to be fastend, was loose (horizontal arm). After weird and unexplained problems, i went to investigate it. Several times leveling the bed and after a few prints, the head rammed the new print of the bed.

Then later the part did not stick on the platform. Now it does. Why, i have no clue. I tried a gluestick. That helped for a while.Much later i dismounted te aluminium bed and cleaned it with water. Now the parts are hardly came off of the bed!

But now there is lots and lots of clicking. Now it is, then it is not.. and so on. I can not trust on it that it print ok. Sometimes there is no filament comming out. When i extrude manually, there is a good stream of filament.
I even designed a extruder tension thing for the filament. It did not help. But what i do have seen, is that the roller for pressing the fillament to the serrated wheel has made scrathes on the motor base. That can been mean that the roller was stuck. Strange... To solve this is get the filament out and then cut a peace of and put it back. What i did notice is that er was a thickening at the end.

I use filament from Das filament (White) and raise the temperature to 215 deg. My suspicion is that the filament is something wrong with. The blue went better. Weird.

This is not where i bought this printer for, to keep it running.

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