triangular part fell off/into extruder

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triangular part fell off/into extruder

Post by dts350z » Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:21 pm

Next to the cooling control slider on the side of the extruder (was) a small triangular piece that looks to have been 3D printed. I believe it said "V3" on it.

In installing the extruder in the machine this piece fell off. In trying to put it back in place it either fell on the floor and disappeared or fell inside the extruder. I couldn't hear any rattling when shaking the extruder or find the part on the floor so just went ahead and installed.

Now I'm concerned about airflow as I have warping on the edges on large parts. I will go head and address that using all the advice on line, but I wanted to post about this part here and see if anybody knows anything.

It doesn't seem to be included in the printerable parts.

Perhaps some high temp tape to cover the triangular hole left open on the side of the extruder?

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