An unexplained feed failure. No mechanical failure this time.

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An unexplained feed failure. No mechanical failure this time.

Post by cj7hawk » Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:52 am

So I was printing a model, and after about 10 minutes, noticed it was printing to air. I waited a little, since it's a complex model and wasn't easy to see that it had stopped printing, but then I opened the filament door and lightly felt the filament and sure enough it was stationary.

My first thought was "Damn, heads jammed up again," and so I did a withdraw and looked at the filament.

It was perfect. The marks showed no sign of jamming at all. The filament was clean, to spec ( UP filament ) and showed clear marks where it was feeding, without any stretching, gouging or other signs I'd expect with a filament feed problem.

So I loaded it back, and then it took me 4 attempts to get it to print again - it went through the motions and simply didn't start printing. I was about to turn it off and reinitialize it when it started and so it's trying again.

I recall UP was looking into this, and this is the first time I can say it was definitely a software failure - it simply stopped feeding during print. Many of my previous feed issues were caused by a dirty hot end, but now I know what I'm looking for I can say that this one was not.

I've worked out I can check it more easily now by pulling the feed "straw" out while printing, and if feeding, it gets drawn back into the head slowly, showing me the filament is feeding.

But is there any news on a new firmware fix for this?


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